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RevGenius’ RevLeague Helps Reps Meet Their Sales Goals & Build Their Networks

One of the best examples of the community we’re building at RevGenius is RevLeague. With 300+ members, weekly programming, and big-name sponsors like Vidyard, the community empowers its members to hit their sales goals.

Below, we asked the founder of RevLeague, Tom Slocum, to give us the run-down on what they’re doing and how you can get involved in the best prospecting community in the game right now.

Give us an overview of what RevLeague is.

Formed in September, RevLeague started as a channel called “#outbound-club” within RevGenius, enabling all SDRs/BDR’s and AE’s to grow, collaborate, land more meetings and drive pipeline. All things prospecting are fair game here.

Whether you want to know how to write a script, handle an objection, or perfect your pitch, this is the club. Some are here to level up their prospecting game, and others are here to network, but most are here to do both.

It’s been a game-changer for me. I joined for motivation, but what I’ve gained has been so much more. Valuable insights, camaraderie, friendly competition, and a group willing to go out of their way to help others in sales. They have pushed me out of my comfort zone, and provide accountability to keep going each week.”

This is a place to share dialogue, ideas, and support one another. Plus, have a little friendly competition.

What can someone expect from RevLeague?

We have three weekly events and contests.


We hold weekly roundtables every Tuesday night from 8 – 9 pm EST.

This is for our members to get together and discuss all things prospecting. We bring in key guests and sponsors to provide tactics and strategies to our members that impact their day-to-day outreach efforts.

“Whether it’s the group members cheering each other on, the amazing contests, or just that little extra motivation you need to make those dials, it’s an awesome place to be. Recently, I attended a roundtable where my videos were critiqued by the CEO of one of the fastest-growing video prospecting tools…what an incredible opportunity.”

“POWER” Sessions

Then we have two weekly POWER prospecting sessions.

One is Wednesday from 2 – 5 pm EST, and the other is Friday from 10 am – 1 pm EST.

Our members get together to see who can generate the most meetings. We leverage our sponsorship with Ambition to add a little competition and fun.

“RevLeague has made me hone in on scheduling prospecting hours while I have had difficulty scheduling this before. I am a competitor and want to be at my best to take away the champion title. Now, I need to beat my score of six pitches.”


We also run contests to give back to our members.

This month we have partnered with Connect & Sell and SalesIntel. Our members have the opportunity to sample these two tools for the month. They have been empowered to up their prospecting game and see who can land the most meetings. The winner gets $200 to Amazon, a full SalesIntel license ($5k value), and 5k worth of dials with Connect & Sell. Plus, bragging rights for being awesome!

Who should join RevLeague?

Anyone looking to grow their prospecting skills or want to help others to do so.

If you are an SDR/BDR, AE, or sales leader, I highly recommended you join.

“RevLeague is a refuge for the committed and the confused. An amazing, fun forum where sharing and learning are at its core.”

Come learn, grow, and compete with us.

What will members get out of being in RevLeague?


I have watched our members week over week shatter goals, learn new processes, and grow professionally.

I have not only thoroughly benefited from the connections I’ve made in the outbound club, but it has absolutely impacted my business. With multiple dedicated calling sessions scheduled each week, I’ve been able to block out my schedule and focus solely on outbound prospecting.

The blocked sessions have created an energetic and competitive environment, where everyone is looking to do one thing: book more meetings.

I’ve gone from 2/3 booked meetings per week through my typical methods, to 5/6 meetings, with the only addition being the Outbound club. In a constantly changing sales environment, it’s been a real blessing to have like-minded peers.”

To learn more and join RevLeague, check out their homepage here.