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RevGenius Demo Days: Your Fast Track to Smarter Tech Buying — 5 Reasons to Attend

We know time is everything. You don’t have two hours for a discovery call. That’s why we’ve streamlined the demo process, focusing on solving your business challenges quickly and helping companies reach the right audience.

For our first RevGenius Demo Day in May, we had 14 startups, each with a 10-minute presentation. Our goal was to create a welcoming space for buyers and sellers to connect and learn from each other — and here’s what happened:

Metrics_Demo Day

5 Reasons You Should Join Our Monthly Demo Days

Buy Smart 

Execs and managers spend a lot of their time buying new software. It’s a big part of the executive job — we also know what’s happening on the market with new tools emerging all the time (we’ve just released the Next 50 GTM Startups list if you’re interested). Connecting buyers with sellers through a dynamic, entertaining, and effective format is our goal.

Save Time — No Discovery Calls & Information Overload 

The buying process is long and takes time, not to mention the information overload that comes with new tech research (imagine going through marketing materials to get to the actual product). At Demo Days, we distill the right info and ask founders to give you everything you need in 10 minutes, showing how they’re solving the biggest pain points. Plus, you can ask questions in the chat and get to know the team directly on the spot. “It shouldn’t take three calls to get the demo and pricing.”(Hi5 HockeyStack!).

Google It? How to Deal with Search Fatigue 

Googling the latest tech can give you a bigger picture of what’s out there, but curation is not the first thing that comes with it. How do we do it? We look for recommendations, ask around in the community, listen to our peers and friends, go through LinkedIn posts, see what’s out there, and what our competitors are using. Demo Day brings all this together in one place, at one time, so you can be in the right crowd — with peers ready to share their experiences and feedback, and teams happy to answer any questions on the spot.

Listen to Trusted People in a Trusted Space 

Skeptical towards sales pitches? A new piece of tech means a revolution for the organization, so it’s better to ask hard questions upfront rather than going through a series of meetings to get to the bottom of it. Proving the value and ROI to stakeholders is key, so addressing all concerns initially will save you time and energy. Ensuring new software integrates smoothly with existing systems and tackling issues about data migration and compatibility can be done straight away!

Keep Up with the Market 

If you’re buying and the companies presenting demos are the type of solutions you’re looking for, that’s a bargain. But if you’re also checking what’s new on the market and staying up to date with the latest solutions, here’s your 90-minute briefing of “what’s new and up and coming” in B2B go-to-market.

Listen to What Other B2B Leaders Are Saying

Here’s a snapshot of what was happening to give you a better understanding of how it was for our audience.

If you’re tired of:

  • Discovery calls
  • Lengthy conversations
  • Multi-step sales processes
  • Sales pitches
  • Googling new tech
  • Information overload

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