Next 50

GTM Startups

Meet the future of GTM and join the movement! The Next 50 GTM Startups List features the next generation of companies making waves in B2B. These startups are building the future of tech, let’s shine a spotlight on the NEXT!​

Empowering revenue leaders to make decisions faster and confidently.

Hyperpersonalized AI that drives revenue

Make your meetings more actionable with Avoma’s Intelligent Meeting Assistant

People Performance Management for Sales

A CRM should never slow you down

AI-Powered Parallel Dialer & Virtual Salesfloor powering the best SDR and BDR teams.

OpenGTM uncovers + activates the attributes of your best buyers to propel lead generation, revenue growth, and retention

Host the world live on your website.

The virtual sales gym to upskill your SDRs & AEs on the phones

Your path to revenue growth.

Video messaging with sales superpowers

TestBox is the only truly live, fully integrated, and 100% automated platform for creating live demos and POCs.

Magically simplify the way you discover, engage, and convert your next customers.

The Juice is THE content curation platform and B2B distribution channel.

The Creative Tool for Growth

Warm prospecting on autopilot. Scale infinitely.

Software, content, and community to help every company become a media company.

Streamline your Topline with Revenue Intelligence and Orchestration

Find every problem in your GTM engine with one click. The first platform for strategic RevOps.

The Command Center™ for B2B Revenue Teams.

The CRM of the future.

Customer Intelligence: Grow your Revenue with our AI-enabled platform

The GPS for GTM

Make Buying Easier with Interactive Demos

Drive demand and revenue through organic content supported by our SEO copilot and AI research assistant.

AI-powered process documentation for go-to people who are tired of “hopping on quick calls” to explain that thing again.

AI call partner that reads body language on your sales calls. Read the room on Zoom and close more deals.

Create a personalized workspace for each deal and design a buying experience that wins quota.

Loyee is an AI SaaS platform for B2B sales teams to capture their next best customer!

Generate your GTM engine of tomorrow with

Sync live data from your CRM, BI tool, database and more into Google Sheets and Excel. Automate spreadsheet workflows.

Automate mundane sales tasks with Shuttle

Monitor relevant signals + automate the next steps to boost pipeline

Empower your sales team to shine with Luster’s AI simulations, offering lifelike practice to unlock their success.

Verified customer evidence that credibly proves the value of your product.

Drive efficient growth and prevent churn by monitoring job changes for your most important customer contacts.

Conversational AI for CRM Data.

Account selection software for modern B2B — Find, score, and track your ICP accounts. AI Agents handle all the monotony of the prospecting process

Client-facing workspaces for sales, onboarding, and renewals.

The workflow platform for modern go-to-market teams.

We’re revolutionizing GTM intelligence with always-on monitoring and observability.

The Customer-Led Growth Platform.

The best thing to happen to data since the spreadsheet

Make tasks disappear. Like magic.

Build Interactive Demos in 10 Minutes!

Pipeline, powered by intent.

Next-generation analysis and reporting

The Intelligent Go-to-Market Platform

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