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RevGenius is where SaaS comes to scale. Our community includes inclusive content and programming to help scale yourself and your company. ​

What is RevGenius?

RevGenius is an online, free 45K+ community for sales, marketing, rev-ops, and customer success professionals. We offer an inclusive space to learn, share, and bond over the revenue industry experience. Join the Slack, attend events, and network with other revenue pros.​

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Free community where you access 35,000 other sales professionals. Join the Slack, attend events, and network with other revenue pros.

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Paid program for SDRs and AEs to increase your prospecting by a minimum of 25%. Join a competitive atmosphere with coaches, prizes, and learning

Meet the Team

Our team is distributed around the globe. We have no office, but we come together online every day to build the future of revenue.


Jared Robin

Co-Founder @ RevGenius


Jason Hubbard

COO @ RevGenius

Gina Guriere

Gina Guriere

Partner Success Manager @ RevGenius


Sandra Solomon

Growth Operation Analyst @ RevGenius

Joanna Kasprzak-Kajder

Joanna Kasprzak-Kajder

Head of Owned Media @ RevGenius

Pragya Mishra

Pragya Mishra

Head of marketing @RevGenius

Vivien Dezamits

Vivien Dezamits

Event and Marketing Ops Manager @ RevGenius

June 2020


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RevGenius is a digital community of sales, marketing, revenue operations, and customer success professionals. Our mission is to unbundle and democratize the revenue profession through community-led learning, networking, events, and thought leadership content.

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Leverage the power of a peer-to-peer network to grow with you – driving sales and revenue.

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Building connections with people in your industry – expanding your network and advancing your career.

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Increase your real-world confidence and performance with the help of industry leading mentors.

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Gain access to training materials, coaches andproductivity gamification by SalesScreen.

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Webinars, roundtables, in-person meetups to support your growth.

Understand what you want and need and best direct you to resources.

Central in all our efforts to create an inclusive space for all.

Our support system for members looking for work

Repository of member content to help you learn faster.

Support system to help you deal with the daily stresses of life.

Write for the mag

RevGenius Mag’s goal is to help support, educate, and inspire revenue professionals to help achieve their goals. We’re always looking for incredible writers to contribute to the mag.


It’s completely free to join RevGenius. Once you sign up to become a member, you will be directed to join the free Slack community and register for our member events.

RevGenius offers an online community with 45,000+ members, weekly events and roundtables, a matching program, a networking program, a jobs board, a forum, and a digital mag.

You can host an event, lead a chapter or a club, contribute to the Mag, join a chapter or a club, answer questions in the forum or Slack, participate in events and roundtables, and share the mission of RevGenius.

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