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Empowering customers through lead generation | Ask me how! 🚀🚀🚀
Like an angel sent from above, I got a msg from Jared Robin. He introduced me to RevGenius and I was enthralled by the community and everything they offer!!

But I wanted to get MORE involved.

What did I do? I Volunteered…

After meeting with the amazing Asia Corbett they asked me to join the RevGenius Team as an Evangelist (a Volunteer).

Super excited to be part of an amazing team and community. Thank you everyone for being a part of my journey!
Adrienne Catlos
· 2nd
☀️ Empowering Fortune 100 leaders to grow revenue by converting insight into strategy
What's the one thing you wish you had learned earlier?

For me, it was the power of community: the tremendous reward supporting
others and in - this is important - RECEIVING support from others.

RevGenius - a community of 16,000+ members committed to RevGenius'
mission and building the future of sales and marketing.

You can probably do it alone… but why would you want to?
Francisco (Paco) Aguirre
· 2nd
☀️ Serving the Customer Advocacy Team at Canoo.

That's how I feel after wrapping up my first day at Canoo

Starting today, I'm on a mission to serve our Customer Advocacy Team and to build an AMAZING customer journey!

And this is how it happened:

RevGenius -> Anthony Monroig -> Sandy Zhen #-> Steven "Farmer" -> Canoo

Thankful for everyone involved in this journey.
🐘 Catherine Robles
· 2nd
Building meaningful relationships one conversation at a time 🗣👂👀💙 Hablo español et un peu de français 🐘
The power of community!

More than a year ago, I lift up my head and realized the need to expand my network and focus on where and how I wanted to have an impact. My focus was sales pros and women in sales

Asking around I landed at the door of RevGenius!

The number of amazing human beings I have been able to meet, the quality of knowledge I have been able to access, and the support system I have now
built is invaluable!
Katie Clark
· 1st
Helping marketing & sales leaders to break thru the noise | Craft beer enthusiast 🍺, snowboarding🏂 & lover of mountains 🏔
This weekend I got to meet ⚡ Lori Dunn in person!!!! (over some beignets of course!)

Feeling thankful for communities like RevGenius for providing the opportunity
to be in community & build relationships with mentors like Lori. And thankful for mentors who take the time to pour out their wisdom into people like me!

Big S/o to Lori for sharing her wisdom with me the last few months & many more to come!
Matt Lyman
· 1st
Marketing Leader. Fighter for Inclusion. MBA. ENFP.
But we also all need our own personal and professional communities. It's important for #mentalhealth and for our own personal growth.

And that is why I love RevGenius. It has given me an opportunity to have a larger group of people to bounce ideas off of, to ask questions of, and to learn
more from.

For those of us where remote work is a COMPLETELY new experience, it is important that we build a community. And RevGenius has helped me do that.

With #RevCon coming in October, make sure you check out RevGenius to find out more about this one-of-a-kind community.
Bre S.
· 1st
🚀Sales Strategic Advisor | SaaS | Video SDR | Lead Generation
💯Joining the RevGenius community in January has helped me grow tremendously personally and professionally.

💥The connections I've made have enriched my life and expanded my outlook on what's possible.

🙏There are so many to show my appreciation to, but just to name a few, I am extremely grateful for Jared Robin ,Tom Slocum , Christopher Gannon and Luigi Prestinenzi . These men have encouraged and supported me every step of the way!

💯If you're looking for a place to grow, join the community! The link is in the
comments. Also come to Revcon , you don't want to miss the lineup that's

#revgenius #linkedin #saas #community
Jamie Bradley
· 2nd
Sr. Manager, Enterprise and Partner Marketing at Ambition
I've worked with Mary Foster for *checks cave wall with torch* …almost a decade, and I truly cannot endorse this session enough.

The program she's built is very smart.

The results she's gotten are very impressive.

She will inevitably make a pop culture reference that makes you lol.

AND for her to be reppin' us to the RevGenius audience? I meeeean…

Jared Robin and his crew are some of the savviest, most creative thinkers in sales today.

If you're not a member of the RG community yet, what're you waiting for????

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- Attend exclusive events

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J. P Mortenson
Sep 6

Advice for building relationships in "Customer Success"?

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