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Meet the future of GTM and join the movement! The Next 50 list features the next generation of creators, the new faces shaping how GTM will look tomorrow. We can only change the narrative together, when we collaborate. Let’s shine a spotlight on the NEXT. ​

Head of Video Production at Reveal and CEO at A2 Media. Specializes in helping B2B SaaS Marketers transform video viewers into buyers. His unique style is (finally) making B2B content cool.

Founding Account Executive at AudiencePlus. She rocks the owned media scene. A “startup princess,” sales pro, and content lover. We’re hooked on her insights, video style, and fresh B2B approach. We need more of this!

Content creator, community builder, storyteller, and personal brand strategist. She collaborates with brands to boost their visibility and credibility. A fresh voice in the B2B world, she’s definitely the one to follow!

Senior Account Executive at LinkedIn, talking about sales, growth, and personal development from his own journey. Big on helping others focus on mental health. Big respect for that!

Program Manager of Social Media at Delta Vacations. She shares marketing and career development insights in a cool and original way. We adore her sense of humor, perfect timing, and subtle sarcasm—a refreshing social media voice!

Account Executive at Parentaly and co-host of Ashley & Katrine’s Infinite Revenue Playlist. She is a sales pro driven by creativity and empathy. She’s dedicated to empowering women in tech, and we just love it all!

Head of Lifecycle Marketing, Portfolio at Atlassian. She is a 360-degree marketer featured in TIME, Forbes, and more. She shares tons of great and helpful content on marketing, thought leadership, demand gen, and more in a concise and impactful format. An amazing leader!

Co-Founder and CEO of Sendspark. Bethany is the go-to expert on scalable video for sales. She shares insights about the new way of doing marketing, and we can’t get enough because it’s shaping the future of B2B!

The creator of DEMAND WARS: The world’s first B2B Marketing Reality Competition. He helps B2B brands create binge-worthy serial content, featuring their ideal buyers.

Mid-Market Account Executive at Gong. Brian drops his sales insights in a cool, inspiring, and natural way. He’s also the founder of Closed Won – He shares differentiated sales practices that set you apart from any seller your prospects have ever experienced. We’re totally hooked on his real-life deal stories packed with fresh B2B perspectives!

CMO at Verbatim, a women-owned marketing & personal branding studio. Brianna shares her thoughts on entrepreneurship, job hunting, and leadership. She’s all about content, influencer marketing, and personal branding, but most of all, she loves to amplify others!

Associate Sales Engineer at Gong and Half-Man Half-Meme. He is your go-to person for sales best practices and field stories. His content is on fire, and he’s dedicated to helping and lifting others. We love it!

The founder of Sistas In Sales – the largest global organization for women of color in sales. She’s determined to promote, support, and encourage women of color in sales across all industries. Our inspiration!

A creator who educates and entertains! Chris creates video content you won’t forget. He’s a community advocate and a content creator for B2B brands like Apollo and Capsule. For a taste of his style, check out the “CRM talking to a therapist” video – that’ll give you the full picture!

Social Media & Community Manager at OpenPhone.She is the architect of social strategy and brand storytelling. She doesn’t just build a social media presence; she cultivates digital ecosystems thriving on engagement and growth. Definitely one to follow ASAP!

Head of Global Sales & Evangelism at Simera. Cynthia brings a unique twist to sales. Charismatic, energetic, and super creative, we’re captivated by the way she shares professional lessons and her journey. Truly inspiring!

Co-Founder & CRO at HockeyStack. Emir inspires us with his exceptional pace in building a single source of truth for B2B marketing teams. His dedication to creative content creation deserves a separate high five!

Solutions Architect at Metadata. Francisco is revolutionizing how B2B marketers boost revenue with less manual work. His drive, fueled by his supportive community, along with his determination and style, truly stand out!

CEO and Founder of Revenue Funnel. Hannah partners with leaders to build processes that drive value throughout the funnel, and in turn convert MORE opportunities. She’s also helping the biggest companies in the world meet their diversity and impact goals.

VP of Marketing at Wrk and the Founder & Host of the Women in B2B Marketing podcast. Jane is an empathetic leader with experience in building marketing teams across demand generation, brand, product, partnerships, events, content, and communications. A mantra for her is “more women on mics and stages” – we admire her dedication to supporting women in tech!

Founder of Sight Glass Collective. Janky helps ecomm brands grow their revenue. She’s helped clients send over 100 million emails/SMS and generate over $50 million in new revenue from paid social advertising. Impressive!

Senior Account Executive at Gong. Jc is a master of creative outreach. He shares his insights and lessons on sales and he’s also the host of “The Up and UP” podcast, where he chats with top sellers.

Founder & Host at Reveting, and a fractional CMO at BDEX. Jessie specializes in boosting personal & business brand presence on Linkedin. Her contagious energy and talent at connecting people and empowering women are truly impressive. Way to go!

Commercial Account Executive at Tourial. Joey is not only a software seller but also a content creator. He shares insights on the buyer journey, social selling, and leadership. His content is fresh, creative and to the point. High five!

Account Executive at Marpipe. Julia shares her (funny) sales content in a witty and honest way. Her “sales hot takes” are short, crisp and to the point. “Sales isn’t fair, neither is life – play to win, not by the rules.” She’s winning!

Senior Account Executive at Sendoso. Junior brings the field of soccer into the world of sales. As the creator of the Underdog Selling newsletter, he shares tactics he’s used to win deals. We love his passion and style!

Head of Sender Relations at Sendoso. Katie brings her sales background to run social, content, and direct marketing programs. Passionate, driven, and super creative—high five!

Head of Sales & Partnerships at Commsor and Co-host of Ashley & Katrine’s Infinite Revenue Playlist, is our go-to girl in sales! A pro at her job, she’s also dedicated to empowering women in tech. Super cool!

Founder of Authority Plug, content strategist, and advisor.  A content queen. She evangelizes on creating content that drives pipelines and drops gold insights on Linkedin. Love it!

Creator, Consultant, and Startup Advisor at CMA Soulmate. Leslie is a passionate advocate at the intersection of customer success and marketing. As a customer-centric B2B marketer, she is committed to taking customer advocacy to new heights.

Founder at Chief Evangelist Consulting and Co-Founder of Wednesday Women, is all about brand evangelism, community building, lifting others and boosting visibility of women in B2B! We’re so inspired by her purpose-driven approach!

Founder and CEO of Commsor. He’s just a Go-to-network guy living in a go-to-market world. Mac is all about bringing communities, authentic relationships, and dinosaur facts back to how we do business.

Account Executive at Deel and CEO & Founder at MelissaGaglione. She is a video selling expert and an inspiring creator! She’s been all about video since before B2B knew it was cool. She’s killing it!

General Manager of Matcha at Commsor and Founder of Wednesday Women. As a marketing exec and entrepreneur, she builds startups, leads GTM strategies, and boosts visibility for women on LinkedIn and stages. We love it all!

Leading Growth and Operations at Navattic. Natalie is all about improving SaaS buying experiences. Follow her for key insights on product-led marketing, improving the buying process, and sales and marketing alignment.

Head of Content & Brand at HockeyStack. As the co-creator of The Easy Mode Framework, he assists B2B SaaS companies in building robust content engines. He’s on fire!

Social media strategist. Qetsiyah is all about leveraging your personal brand on social media. She is focused on building diverse communities around brands and loves working alongside creators, entrepreneurs and startups. Way to go!

Video producer at Commsor. Picked up their camera at the age of 6, and they’ve been obsessed with storytelling ever since. Their content is top-notch – exactly what B2B needs right now! We’re in love!

Riley has over a decade of B2B sales experience.The Chubby Unicorn 🦏 is passionate about sharing his thoughts about sales, creating community, and helping people rip down their Green Banner. We will find him at the Comment Party. Engage is the Rage!

Founder and Sales Leader at Nooks. He shares his story on how he learned how to cold call and grew his startup from 0 to 40 people. Follow him if you want to learn about outbound, cold calls, AI, and startups.

Senior Business Development Manager at Pareto. Sara rules the world of cold calling videos. Her sales adventures are packed with grit and great energy – way to go!

Top Sales Management Voice on LinkedIn and an expert in building enablement teams. She’s motivated by discovering what drives someone, truly listening, and connecting with what matters most. Count us in!

SMB AE at Deel. Sydney is all about building in public. Through her SaaS sales role at Deel, co-hosting the Happily Ambitious podcast, and co-founding a growing community, she’s taking on multiple initiatives we absolutely love!

Manager of Social Media Strategy at TIME. Tameka ideates creative, paid and organic campaigns using creative storytelling, engaging writing, and deliberate creative direction. She’s behind the strategies that highlight some of TIME’s largest in-person events as well as partner and client projects.

Founder & CEO of 37X Digital Marketing Agency, specializes in helping businesses execute on their GTM strategy. With a background as Head of Global Media for Terminus, she’s also a fractional CMO and a speaker, and truly an inspiration!

Senior Social Media Manager at Motion. Travis creates engaging digital content for tech companies that really stands out. According to his LinkedIn, it can be funny, educational, or both – and we agree, it’s definitely both!

Top LinkedIn marketing influencer and content creator at Apollo. Tyler helps brands create impactful social media strategies. His impressive tech journey and charismatic video style have made us big fans!

AE at Demandbase. Vin is obsessed with creative prospecting.He helps B2B marketers and salespeople achieve their ABX goals and is also a part-time content creator sharing his journey through tech sales and life on LinkedIn, TikTok, and YouTube.

SDR Lead at Champify. He talks about cold calling and BDR strategies with a fun twist. He’s full of energy and positive vibes, and we really enjoy his content!

Founder of Uncapped and a former sales enablement leader at Gong, is all about improving access to networking and tech sales education. Co-host of the Rep Matters podcast and recognized among the 100 Powerful Women in Sales, she delivers insightful content on sales, enablement, and GTM strategies.


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