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RevGenius Announces Next 50 GTM Startups List, Featuring Emerging Brands in SaaS GTM

Out with the old. In with the Next!

We’ve just dropped the list of the Next 50 GTM Startups List, sponsored by our partner Seamless.aicheck it out here!

The next generation of startups have a distinct advantage – they have the support of the RevGenius Community. 

We are tired of seeing all the big brands get all the love and attention. It’s time to shower the top emerging ones with love backed by a community of 45k revenue leaders.

Next is RevGenius’ curated list of emerging creators and startups in SaaS Go-to-Market.

Next 50 GTM Startups is the second release of our Next campaign featuring emerging talent and brands in SaaS GTM. 

Inspired by redundancy, lack of diversity and connection to the masses  in the demand-generation-hopeful lists created by SaaS brands, RevGenius went out to create something different.  Always ahead of the curve, RevGenius is dedicated to discovering what’s next.

Get in touch if you wanna support the movement and partner with us!

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