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New Paradigm For Connection: RevGenius Launches Micro Communities

I’m excited to announce that we’re launching three micro communities within RevGenius:

  • GTM Community –  focused on marketing & sales 
  • RevOps Community – focused on operations professionals
  • Customer Success Community – focused on both CS & Account Management

Our revised mission is to create trusted spaces for curious revenue professionals who are collaborating on the future of B2B GTM, so RevGenius represents that full GTM structure.


Why is change needed?

When we started RevGenius back in June of 2020, we prioritized growing our membership as quickly as possible.

We pushed to increase the number of new members, growing at an incredible pace: adding 1,000 new members month over month, then 2,000, then 3,000. It was exciting.

The buzz around the space was palpable and we became the fastest-growing community in revenue. What we didn’t realize was that folks were churning (becoming inactive) as quickly as we were acquiring them and that we didn’t have a good activation or retention plan in place.

We picked the wrong north star metrics, and with community tooling for measuring engagement being so nascent, it was hard for us to figure out exactly where we needed to improve.

So we asked the community.

We realized that this growth wasn’t sustainable. Slack became too noisy, and I was getting feedback that folks didn’t know what to do in RevGenius, or how to get the most value out of it. 

A change needed to be made. 

Following that “Aha” moment, I brought on an old friend, Jason Hubbard, as COO to help guide the ship. The last eight months have been incredible.

We’re diving to fix the challenges we’ve identified. 

We’re understanding and figuring out what healthy activation and engagement look like. And how best to test ideas to positively impact that.

We’re rolling out tooling that delves deeper into member activity and retention. By honing in on the specifics of who is actively participating and who is not being retained, we are positioned to provide more enriching experiences for our members. 

We’re still acquiring new members, but we’re doing it with the intention to bring them value as quickly as possible and have a significant impact on their careers. 

We rolled out RevRoom — a community for senior revenue leaders collaborating on the future of B2B. Seeing executive leaders who were the most sensitive to the noise in RevGenius, we created a space for them first — allowing the cohorts of only 150 and protecting against that being too big.

Simplifying, adding more value, and creating less noise. 

Taking those learnings from building RevRoom for the past couple of months, we looked back to the main RevGenius community and asked ourselves:  ‘How can we make this even better?’


RevGenius 2.0: The Launch of Micro Communities  

We have 36,000 members in the RevGenius Slack. 

Reimagining the space to increase engagement and add value but not make it cumbersome and noisy at the same time is what we’re addressing head on. 

We decided to niche down the dozens of channels into three primary micro-communities within the RevGenius Slack. A focus on members’ functions is driving the split.

So the output of that was:

  • To create one community for the front-of-house GTM, which will combine sales and marketing — while we’ve seen plenty of sales and marketing-specific communities, we haven’t seen many that would connect them. 

In 2023, alignment is more critical than ever. Efficiency and effective growth win — so we’re bringing them together. 

  • We’re also creating a more close-knit RevOps community, which has always been a cornerstone of RevGenius.
  • And adding one around NRR that groups Customer Success & Account Management in one space.

Within these communities, we are creating a more intimate experience through weekly roundtable discussions, emphasis on comment threads for collaboration (instead of separate channels), and getting members more involved in hosting their discussions.

Rolling out programs to match members for meetups is another way we’ll build a tight-knit community.

We’re getting more member-centric than ever before.


What’s the value we hope to drive?

  • Seamless member experience

We’re able to better greet members that come into RevGenius and guide them to one of these micro communities so that they can get value and have that “aha” moment immediately. 

  • Micro approach

I’m personally onboarding everybody into RevGenius and RevRoom because I want to give everybody that micro community one-to-one feeling. I wanna help them as soon as possible from when they sign up. 

  • Focus on leadership

We are looking at seniority when folks come in to guide them either to our paid RevRoom community, which now has five distinct pillars, or to a private leadership channel in the main Slack so they can be with other leaders solving strategic challenges for their orgs faster and get more instant value out of the space. 


Community-Led GTM

Our focus has never been higher on our members. 

Our KPIs and North Star metrics have been recalibrated to better focus on driving value, and we’re looking forward to delivering the experience our members need — right now and in the future.

Join us as we collaborate on the future of B2B Go To Market.


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