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Introducing RevRoom: A Curated Trusted Space for Senior Revenue Leaders

If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.

The excitement I’ve had launching RevRoom mimicked the excitement from RevGenius. 

It feels like we are solving a major challenge that so many GTM leaders are experiencing.

When we started RevGenius three years ago, we responded to the need to create an inclusive, no-cost community for all revenue professionals. A place where both an SDR and CRO could be in the same room. This hadn’t really been done before.

I believe we grew so quickly and found product market fit because the space was looking for this.

Along the way, I realized some senior leaders were less active than they once were. I figured it was because our programming needed improvement or their needs were being met elsewhere.

Still, we’d grown to 35,000+ members and had some great success.

At the turn of the year, many Senior Leaders of the community came to me expressing that they wanted a new, more intimate, and vetted space and weren’t really getting it from anywhere else. 

It shocked me. But it also excited me because we were to build something new to respond to our community’s needs.  

Enter RevRoom.

First, we wanted to make sure that RevRoom was an exclusive space. We recognized the value of inclusivity within RevGenius, which is beautiful in itself. But we also understood the importance of providing a safe and tailored environment specifically for senior leaders. So curating the RevRoom group exclusively for VPs and C-Suite executives became a critical focus for us.

Looking back at some of the challenges with RevGenius focusing primarily on users’ growth at the early stage, how could we prevent that from happening with RevRoom?

  • We decided to limit the cohort to 150 members (tops) to safeguard that.  
  • We integrated via Slack Connect to reduce noise and to allow access to the community from members’ company Slacks (vs. needing their 25th Slack channel). As a result, there are not dozens of channels but just one or two core ones.
  • Finally, we’ve decided to roll out five pillars to provide members qith a more unique and structured experience. 

Five Pillars of RevRoom

  • Core Groups

These groups of 8 meet monthly to discuss their biggest challenges in a private setting.  

  • Virtual Community

Our Slack is unique because of the 150 people/ channel (‘room’) and weekly roundtable discussions in an intimate setting. Our promise? We’ll keep cohorts at 150. 

  • Live Gatherings

The in-person community where we’re rolling out dinners and retreats. 

  • Expert-Led Insight Sessions

Learning series, where we will feature some of the world’s best speakers and subject matter experts, talking about the topics our members ask for.

  • Member Benefits

We are introducing B2C-like perks and experiences (think hotel discounts, etc.) to meet our members’ lifestyle needs.

Collaborating on the Future of B2B GTM

The goal is to create a unique and intimate, community-led experience from the go.

We want to grow thoughtfully. We want to grow together and deliver on our promise to make RevRoom the trusted space for revenue leaders.

Here are a few of the go-to-market VPs and C-level executives that make up our community today:

Christina Brady (SVP Sales, Spekit), Sid Kumar (SVP RevOps, Hubspot), Jenn Steele (CEO, Kissmetrics), Adam Jay (CRO, Falkon), Gemma Cipriani-Espineira (Founder, CS Angels), Mary Poppen (CCO,, Paul Rosen (CRO, ShipBob), Mollie Bodensteiner (Head of Global RevOps, Deel), Mark Kilens (CMO, Airmeet), Shannon Curran (VP Marketing, MadKudu), Scott Sutton (CBO, ZoomInfo) and many others from Series A high-growth startups to public companies.  

They’re talking about big, audacious GTM challenges, along with personal ones.

The leaders in RevRoom are some of the most forward-thinking executives in the space and they’re reimagining the future of GTM. 

They also strongly believe in this community-led movement, agreeing to ‘give more than they receive’ as our first value of RevRoom.

This space has been curated and created for members who need it in their professional journeys. And I’m excited because the need is real. And the time is now.

The mission for RevGenius and RevRoom is to create trusted spaces where curious revenue leaders are collaborating on the future of B2B GTM.

It’s lonely out there; we get it. Enter RevRoom.