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Case Study

Case Study: How Syncari Generated $1M in Pipeline with RevGenius

RevGenius provided an unbeatable volume of meaningful connections with RevOps leaders that drove Syncari’s brand awareness, new partnerships, and pipeline generation.

Key Metrics

Syncari Key Metrics

Partnering with RevGenius allowed the Syncari team to create 50+ opportunities, generate $1M in pipeline and to listen and field-test different messaging and terminology. It also provided a unique channel to engage with the target audience and find potential business partners.

About Syncari

Syncari provides a data automation platform that empowers operations professionals to unify, clean, manage, and distribute trusted customer data across the GTM organization.

Crash Test for your Product

Challenge: Refine positioning to make it problem- and customer-centric.

Solution: Community is the place to listen and field test.

Syncari, a platform to automate B2B customer data, turned to RevGenius as a strategic partner to amplify their brand awareness and foster engaging conversations with their target audience. RevGenius has served as a place to pilot product marketing messaging and take inputs from real people asking real questions. “What we’ve learned thanks to RevGenius, every company has its own terms for the problems our product solves. Getting that level of detail and insights, we were able to craft highly-engaging messaging”.


Cut Through the Noise

Challenge: Social media platforms are saturated.

Solution: Community offers a stable, conversational environment.

Potential customers’ time spent in 2023 is fragmented, to say the least. With social networks being saturated, challenging to scale and unpredictable, the community offers a stable and conversational environment where Syncari could connect with real people without using cold calls or emailing. Community supplements your conversation-generating channels as long as you engage in it in a meaningful way. It pays off without algorithm limits. Simply put:  “Deliverability is not a question. Messages are seen.”


Partner Programming for Amplified Reach

Syncari leveraged RevGenius’ sponsorship program to amplify its engagement efforts. The partnership program provided additional opportunities to connect with their target audience, enhance brand visibility, and further solidify their position within the space. RevGenius Sponsorship program covers ICP-targeted webinars, email promotions, Slack engagement and other tailor-made content packages.


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