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How Alysio Generated 12 Qualified Meetings From RevGenius Demo Day

Demo Day — No Fluff, Just Products

We get it—time is money. You don’t have 2 hours for a discovery call. That’s why we’ve cut out the fluff and streamlined the demo process, so buyers get straight to solving your business challenges and companies can present their products to the right audience. 

That’s how we planned our first RevGenius Demo Day back in May. We had 14 startups presenting during 10-minute sessions. Our goal was to create safe spaces for buyers and sellers to connect and learn —and here’s what happened:

How Alysio Generated 12 Qualified Meetings from RevGenius Demo Day 

We sat down with Aaron McReynolds from Alysio, The AI GTM Performance Platform, to build a Demo Day playbook that covers the best practices that brought them these results.  Alysio aimed to leverage RevGenius Demo Day to gain brand exposure, connect with a broader audience, and generate high-quality leads. 

They approached Demo Day with a comprehensive strategy, here’s a snapshot of how they did it: 

  • Before the Event: They partnered with RevGenius to create buzz, and connect with potential attendees
  • During the Event: They focused on delivering a compelling, concise demo, ensuring they stood out.
  • After the Event: Follow-up was key, with personalized and timely outreach to attendees and other speakers.

Let’s dive in! 

Alysio Playbook: Key Takeaways For Your Next Event

Double down on promotion 

  • Work closely with the hosting team to co-promote the event. Leverage all the channels for visibility by liking, commenting, reposting and sharing event posts. The virality of the event translates into: brand exposure, building awareness and associations with other great companies and connecting with the right audience. 

“We felt the virality of LinkedIn pre-Demo Day alone justified the investment.”

Production: Get creative 

  • We’re all too used to our living rooms’ background setting on Zoom 😉 Think about something different: renting a co-working space can be a game changer. Make the setting work in your favor, grab attention, and make it a memorable experience for the audience. 
  • Invest in basic tech enhancements: an iPhone camera, ring light, wireless microphone, and a tracking device for dynamic movement. They DO make a difference. 

Content: Make it stand out 

  • Leverage familiar content: use a version of your pitch that you’re already comfortable with and that you can deliver smoothly. 
  • Focus on the core narrative: problem identification, solution, and “why” it matters.
  • Learn from the best: get inspired by Apple, TED speakers. 

Ask yourself: “What would Apple do?”

  • Create an engaging narrative rather than a feature-by-feature walk-through of your product.
  • Focus on storytelling and problem-solving before diving into the demo – dedicate minimal time for the product demo and make sure the story comes across first. 

Presentation: Make it memorable 

  • Present confidently, stay calm, good vibes only!
  • Have your team members manage the chat for real-time engagement, allowing you to focus on presenting only.
  • Pre-coordinate responsibilities to make sure you can deliver your demo without distractions.

Follow up: Have your game plan ready 

  • Meet with your team shortly after the event to finalize the game plan.
  • Follow up with the audience — always! 
  • Divide it into segments. E.g.: attendees, registrants who did not show up, active participants in the chat, other presenters. 

“The quality of companies presenting and the crowd brought in by RevGenius were outstanding.”

Tailor your outreach

  • Customize sequences for each segment for targeted communication.
  • Personally follow up on LinkedIn with other presenters and attendees for additional networking opportunities.
  • Ensure timely follow-ups within a day or two after the event to maintain momentum.


  • Review feedback and performance (e.g., the number of meetings booked, conversions) to refine future presentations. 

Shoutout to Alysio for sharing their playbook! If you want to get your brand in front of the buyers in a dynamic, enjoyable, and effective format, partner with us and make sure to register for the upcoming Demo Day on June 26th with Vimeo, Commsor, Coefficient, UserGems, Common Room, WinnAI and Fullcast presenting! 


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