Rise of the chef GTM Officer
The Rise of The Chief GTM Officer

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Discover why the role of the Chief GTM Officer is not just a passing trend but the future of successful businesses. Lindsay Cordell and Jason Hubbard  share insights on the significance of this role in keeping GTM teams focused and aligned.

Key Takeaways:

1. Understand the necessity of the Chief GTM Officer in organizations today.
2. Uncover the essential qualifications and skills that make a Chief GTM Officer instrumental in driving the transformation of GTM strategies
3. Learn what are the key responsibilites and KPIs of the Chief GTM Officer.

Jason Hubbard
Chief Operations Officer, RevGenius - He practically grew up in startups, with two serial entrepreneurs as parents. Besides leading RevGenius operations, he also hosts our weekly live show, Outbound 2.0, exploring the future of outbound sales and marketing.
Lindsay Cordell
Lindsay Cordell is an accomplished Go-To-Market (GTM) leader with over 15 years of invaluable experience in the field. As a Partner at GTM Partners, Lindsay plays a pivotal role in empowering clients to develop and refine their Go-To-Market Strategies, whether they are building from the ground up or seeking to optimize existing approaches for maximum efficiency.

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