Scaling Up: Revenue Maximization, Client Win-Back, and Synergy

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During our weekly Outbound 2.0, we’ll be joined by George Holman, Head of Growth and Strategy at Selligence. We’ll discuss startup growth strategies: focusing on maximizing revenue, winning back churned clients, and fostering cross-departmental relationships.

You’ll learn more about:

1. The ways of maximizing revenue from current clients in a challenging market.
2. Strategies for winning back previously churned customers.
3. Cross-departmental relationships required in a startup to ensure both of the above + the overall NRR.

George Holman Headshot
George Holman
George Holman, Head of Growth and Strategy at Selligence. Leading Growth and Strategy teams, with the focus on helping business leaders to undertake a more data-driven sales methodology to improve profitability and drive efficiency within their organizations.
Jason Hubbard
Jason Hubbard
Chief Operations Officer, RevGenius - He practically grew up in startups, with two serial entrepreneurs as parents. Besides leading RevGenius operations, he also hosts our weekly live show, Outbound 2.0, exploring the future of outbound sales and marketing.

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