Salesforce Management for Startups When and How to Start
Salesforce Management for Startups: When and How to Start?

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You’ve got your Salesforce set up. Now what? Should you hire your first Salesforce admin or explore alternatives? What’s best for your company’s stage? And what impact will your decision have for the future?

Join us to discover options like fractional/consultancy services, part-time or full-time roles, and innovative solutions like Sweep that can help you move ahead. You will leave this webinar ready to make an informed decision aligned with your organization’s growth and operational requirements.

Key Takeaways:

  • Strategic hiring for your growth stage: Learn how to align your Salesforce Admin hiring strategy with your company’s current stage. Go through pros and cons of fractional/consultancy services & full-time roles
  • Strategic CRM management: Which rules to follow
  • Techstack: Explore the impact of tools like Sweep in streamlining Salesforce administration for efficient and effective CRM management


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Aviv Bergman
Aviv Bergman
Aviv is an expert in process excellence and revenue operations. He is the Head of Partnerships and Business Development at Sweep. Sweep enables you to customize and scale any Salesforce configuration - without the dev time. You can create, visualize and manage your CRM processes, rules, and automations visually while Sweep constructs an optimized backend Salesforce infrastructure.
Mallory Lee
Mallory Lee
Mallory brings nearly 15 years of experience in B2B technology, marketing, and operations. She got her start at ExactTarget/Salesforce in marketing operations, and went on to build teams at a number of successful midwest tech startups. She also led the RevOps team at martech company, Terminus, where she served as a strategic partner for the company across their series C fundraise, four acquisitions, and rapid scale.
Max Maeder
Max Maeder
Max runs FoundHQ, a hiring platform & Advisory Firm helping companies like Ramp, AuditBoard, G2, WHOOP, Electric, Coupa, and hundreds of others scale GTM Systems capabilities. FoundHQ manages a network of 6,000 Independent Salesforce Consultants, helping companies engage the right expertise at the right time on a full-time or fractional basis.

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