RevOps Team of One — Everything You Need to Succeed
RevOps Team of One — Everything You Need to Succeed

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In high-growth startups, navigating RevOps solo means learning how to prioritize under pressure. How can you optimize your efforts, set up processes that can scale, and collaborate with your cross-functional teammates at the same time?

Join us as we’ll be sharing valuable insights on how to design an effective infrastructure, get buy-in from leadership, and manage your own career trajectory all while avoiding common pitfalls.

Key Takeaways:

  • Strategic Planning & Communication: Learn to establish vital metrics, track progress, and adapt strategies for impactful stakeholder interaction.
  • Goal setting and measurement: Set realistic expectations and deliver measurable outcomes without overcommitting.
  • Prioritization & Tech Stack: Guidance on choosing and implementing the right technology to streamline.


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Emma Heist_headshot
Emma Heist
Emma is the RevOps manager at Passport. She excels in data-driven environments, particularly within growth-stage start-ups. Her adaptability allows her to navigate rapid change and manage a diverse range of responsibilities, including strategy and analytics, system administration, and enablement. She is passionate about addressing complex challenges with efficient, scalable solutions – all while making a meaningful difference.
Aviv Bergman
Aviv is an expert in process excellence and revenue operations. He is the Head of Partnerships and Business Development at Sweep. Sweep enables you to customize and scale any Salesforce configuration - without the dev time. You can create, visualize and manage your CRM processes, rules, and automations visually while Sweep constructs an optimized backend Salesforce infrastructure.
Benjamin Zeitz_headshot
Benjamin Zeitz
Benjamin is the Head of Revenue Operations at Sweep. In addition to owning Sweep’s RevOps and GTM systems, he works with Sweep’s customers and prospects in an advisory capacity regarding RevOps and Salesforce architecture. Prior to joining Sweep, Benjamin was the first employee on the Business Operations team at Axonius, helping Axonius rapidly scale from a 20 employee company to over 350 employees. He was responsible for configuring their internal tooling, data analysis, and developing processes for the company as they grew. Benjamin’s first foray into the world of Salesforce began at Founder Shield, where he led their team of Salesforce developers and administrators.
Akash Bose_headshot
Akash Bose
Akash is the Director of Sales Operations at Tecton that provides an enterprise-ready feature platform to make world-class machine learning accessible to every company. With years of RevOps experience under his belt, Akash will share best practices and learnings he got along the way.

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