Watch the Recap : Recap – Outbound 2.0: From Mass Outbound To Personalized, Value-Add Outreach
Outbound 2.0 with Jason Saltzmann & Andy McBride

Thursday, March 2nd 1pm EST | 10am PST

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Prospects are tired of being inundated with autodialers, 10-step drip sequences, and pseudo-personalized content.

The era of mass outbound has resulted in doom-scrolling and mass-deleting and cutting through the noise is damn near impossible…

The solution: reach the people who actually care and deliver value from the first touch.

Our guests Andy McBride, Head of Revenue and Jason Saltzmann, Director of Growth from Live Data Technologies will share their insights on:

🔹 How to actually reach your prospects in the right way, at the right time
🔹 Writing an outbound email so good, it gets “thank you” notes
🔹 Applying Abraham Lincoln’s “golden rule” of Outbound

If you:
💎 Want to keep up with the latest trends in Sales and Marketing
💎 Need actionable strategies that you can put to use in your role
💎 Want answers to your questions from real experts

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