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‘Next’ is RevGenius’ curated list of emerging creators and startups in SaaS Go-to-Market.

Inspired by redundancy, lack of diversity and connection to the masses  in the demand-generation-hopeful lists created by SaaS brands, RevGenius went out to create something different. Something that featured the ‘Next’ top talent in SaaS GTM.

‘Next 50 Creators’ is the first release and unveils on Feb 21, 2024. Following that, RevGenius will be creating the Next 50 Startups list featuring the ability to vote for who makes the list.

Again, this pushes against the ‘pay to play’ norms that SaaS companies traditionally have to do to get exposure and leans on the people to lift the brands they support.

RevGenius is a brand dedicated to a new generation of GTM pioneers. Our mission is create trusted spaces for curious revenue leaders who are collaborating on the future of b2b GTM.  Always ahead of the curve, RevGenius is dedicated to discovering what’s next.

Founded in 2020 by CEO Jared Robin, RevGenius is a global business headquartered in New York City.

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