How to Boost Conversions and Optimize Customer Journey in PLG_webinar
How to Boost Conversions and Optimize Customer Journey in PLG

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Learn how to build a PLG funnel with key strategies for lead acquisition and essential RevOps systems. Discover methods to sort leads for better engagement and the best times for sales to step in, boosting conversions. This webinar is a masterclass on how to sync sales and marketing with PLG for growth.

Key takeaways:

Capturing high-quality leads and setting up RevOps infrastructure required to manage them efficiently.

Assessing and prioritizing leads to ensure that your team focuses on the most promising opportunities.

Key strategies for optimizing customer journey and boosting the conversion potential within your PLG funnel.


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Sam Crowell Richard
Head of Product Growth @ngrok — the simplified, API-first ingress-as-a-service trusted by over 5M developers to get their apps online faster and keep security happy. Previously VP of Growth Team at OpenView, Sam is the product-led growth expert passionate about data-driven approach in GTM.
Jake Hofwegen Headshot
Jake Hofwegen
I started out my career in sales, moved into sales operations which eventually transitioned into a revenue operations role as we all saw the rise of client success operations & marketing operations roles. Revenue operations avoids the inefficiencies that siloed set-ups typically create, not to mention the expenses and a fragmented customer journey for your buyers and sellers.
Matzen Headshot
Matzen Shirley
Enthusiastic, purposeful, data-informed Growth leader with a skill set and passion for the creation process. Experience succeeding within category-creating startups and scale-ups where my contributions have been centered on leading cross-functional teams in taking new initiatives from idea to execution, growth, and beyond.

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