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How to Use AI-Powered Coaching to Exceed Quota

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Feeling the pain of unmet targets and team productivity lows? This is time to take a good look at our coaching and shake things up.

Many of us know coaching is important, but finding the time or knowing where to start can be a challenge. Common old-school coaching methods are just not working—they’re too time consuming and focus heavily on generic topics, which can delay seeing real results in your team’s performance.

In this session, we will dive into the coaching tactics and how AI can really turn the ship around – boosting quota attainment by an average of 50%. We’re not about boring theories; you’ll leave with practical strategies and hacks to be the superhero coach your team needs.

Key Takeaways:

Learn how to create a consistent coaching culture, starting with simplifying call reviews to creating the right routine
Discover how to use AI and data for personalized coaching to tackle targeted areas of improvement
How to save 10+ hours every week on call listening and feedback loops to improve team performance faster

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Aditya Kothadiya
Aditya Kothadiya
Aditya Kothadiya is the Founder and CEO of Avoma who, after 16 years of building and managing software solutions, in 2017, conceptualized the idea for an AI-powered intelligent meeting assistant for customer-facing knowledge professionals. At Avoma, he oversees all go-to-market functions and also leads product vision and strategy.
Mark Stagi_
Mark Stagi
Mark Stagi brings over 20 years of experience in post-sales leadership roles at various high-growth tech companies ranging from Series A to Series E companies. He is grateful to have had some amazing experiences scaling Customer Success organizations that have contributed towards 4 exits. Passionate about helping companies redefine Customer Success, Mark aims to result in increased retention, long-term revenue growth, and a customer-obsessed culture. He is also internationally known to rock the microphone with Karaoke and has tested his patience with coaching many kids sports for years.
Mark Kosoglow_
Mark Kosoglow
As a teenager, Mark Kosoglow watched 14 videos in the back storeroom on a 7"" black and white TV to learn how to sell shoes at the mall, which laid a great foundation for his career. Running a small business with 200+ employees showed him the importance of organization. Mark's dedication led to the creation of a highly profitable sales territory from one that had been dormant for a decade. Managing 12 salespeople across 9 states solidified his sales philosophy. His experience in getting one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies in history to $250M+ in revenue taught him the delicate balance of scaling while maintaining a world-class customer experience. Mark Kosoglow, former CRO at Catalyst and VP of Sales at Outreach, enjoys the honor and privilege of working with a customer-centric team composed of the best, smartest, and hardest-working individuals he has ever encountered.
Colin Spekter_
Colin Specter
As the VP of Sales at Orum, Colin Specter leads an Elite Sales Team for The Number 1 AI-powered phone system for revenue organizations. With more than ten years of experience in leading sales teams, Colin has a proven ability to evangelize new products, build high-performing teams, and generate pipeline, profits and revenue growth. Colin has won multiple awards for my sales performance and leadership, and is also an angel investor and advisor for AI and HealthTech companies such as CliniConnects, a startup that connects therapists with patients at home.

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