Adam Jay & Dale
From Founder-Led Sales to Product-Market Fit

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In the early stages of startups, founders excel at sales by leveraging their passion and understanding of the product. As the company grows, they must transition from founder-led sales to scalable processes. During this masterclass, Adam and Dale will share best practices to ensure the process is smooth, effective and sustainable.

Key Takeaways:

  • Founders play a vital role in sales due to their dedication and product understanding, but this approach has limitations.
  • To sustain growth, companies must move from founder-centric sales to systematic processes that can be executed by others.
  • Trying to replicate founder success by hiring and training clones isn’t feasible and can lead to team failure.
Adam Jay
Co-Founder and CEO of Revenue Reimagined. Adam has built sales teams that have sold over $100M+ in ARR. A 2023 Demandbase Top 25 Sales Executive, Adam is an accomplished, engaging, and data-driven B2B SaaS Sales Leader with over a decade of successful revenue growth, scale, fundraising, and advisory experience.
Dale Zwizinski
Dale Zwizinski, Co-Founder of Revenue Reimagined and a seasoned Chief Go-To-Market (GTM) Officer, recognized for his visionary strategy and hands-on leadership. Dale's strategic acumen, sharpened over 20 years in enterprise sales and emerging cloud technologies, forms the foundation of his success.

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