Leslie Greenwood
From Customers to Evangelists: Cultivating a Community of Passionate Advocates

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 Leslie Greenwood will share practical insights on creating evangelists for your brand and the importance of community in this process. 

Key points:

  • Defining evangelists: Learn how evangelists differ from ambassadors or influencers and how to identify them within your ecosystem.
  • Engaging evangelists: Discover effective strategies to engage and motivate your evangelists, strengthening their connection with your brand.
  • Amplifying evangelists: Explore tactics to amplify the voices of your evangelists, creating a network that drives brand growth.
  • Measuring success: Understand the beginning metrics to track the impact and effectiveness of your evangelist-growing efforts.
Leslie Greenwood
Leslie Greenwood is the Founder and CEO of Chief Evangelist Consulting where she provides strategic guidance and insights to organizations looking to build impactful communities.

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