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Fresh Take: Webinars as a Pipeline Accelerator

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79% of Marketers Emphasize Customer Understanding in Events and Webinars, Yet 64% Struggle to Utilize Insights to Impact Pipeline

An array of new tools promise to help the modern marketer grow new revenue, gain insights, and improve ROI. What if you could turn to trusted solutions — webinars and events — to achieve these goals instead?

Join Hubilo’s CMO, Erik Newton to unlock your webinars’ full-funnel impact from opportunity attribution to accelerating deals and wins.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Strategies to drive ongoing conversions post-webinar and beyond
  • Ways to rethink webinars to support content development and nurture efforts in a more automated and personalized way
  • How webinars drive value across the entire customer lifecycle and deliver proof of ROI
Erik Newton
Erik has over 30 years of marketing experience at Milestone, BrightEdge, TiVo, Netflix,, Netscape, Adobe, and Dentsu. He loves doing research and takes a data-driven approach to marketing operations.

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