Xply_Finance Meets GTM How to Align For Growth
Finance Meets GTM: How to Align For Growth?

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Aligning Finance and GTM teams is like bridging two worlds—speaking different languages, viewing growth paths from opposing angles. Finance sees GTM as a cost center; GTM sees finance as growth inhibitors. It’s time to transform this clash into collaboration. While we can’t control external factors, we can make these teams speak the same language and work towards shared revenue growth targets.

How do we get GTM and finance teams on the same page? It starts with a common holistic view of an organization’s revenue goals with direct line of sight into GTM performance targets that, when achieved, lead to hitting those revenue goals.

Key takeaways:

  • GTM insights for informed financial decision-making
  • Strategic resource allocation
  • Real-time performance evaluation
  • Goal alignment & accountability


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Dan Patterson_
Dr. Dan Patterson
From my research days at university to every software company I’ve founded, I have been driven by the belief that successfully achieving a goal is more about the plan than the execution. This is why I have dedicated my entire career to bettering the science of planning and forecasting. Today, with four highly successful project management startups under my belt, my efforts are focused on the discipline of GTM and revenue planning. At MultiplyGTM, we are driving certainty into the world of GTM planning by aligning sales and marketing efforts, through advanced analytically-based planning software.
Tony Rock_
Tony Rock
Tony is a senior executive and advisor in working with management teams and investors to execute organic growth, acquisition, new venture, and restructuring initiatives. He has extensive market development, sales management, technology, product, and financial leadership experience in multiple industries and regions including Asia. His passion and excellence is defining customer value, transforming companies, developing new technologies, and fostering a culture of innovation to spur enterprise growth. He has a stellar record in developing executive networks, strategic partners, recruiting high-performing teams, and originating and closing complex, high-value transactions. Industry, P&L, and corporate transaction experience includes energy, healthcare, consumer goods, high-tech, software, aerospace, business services, and industrial products.
paul senf_
Paul Self
I have spent my entire career literally in every sense “planning”. As a user of project management technology, as a leader relying on a sound plan to chart my path, and as the co-founder of first-of-a-kind planning technologies, I’ve always found myself drawn to the data that helped me see through the ambiguity we face when making critical GTM decisions. Making sense of data through analytics has been a consistent influencer in every endeavor.

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