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Build your 1st RevOps Team in a Startup: When, What and How

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When does a startup need a RevOps team and how to set it up for success? How does the perfect CV of the first RevOps hire look like? We’re going to share the formula that works, covering the best timing, hiring plans and key considerations for startup leaders and management teams.

Key takeaways:

  1. At which stage should a startup start thinking about RevOps?
  2. What are the different options the founders / leadership team can take (Freelance, Consultants, Fractional, In-house?)
  3. What does a foundational RevOps Team structure look like?
  4. What Experience/Skill Level is needed for each role?
  5. How can you set up a RevOps team of 1?


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Rosalyn Santa Elena
Rosalyn Santa Elena
As the Founder of The RevOps Collective, an advisor for several high-growth startups, an active leader in several communities, a keynote speaker, and the host of The Revenue Engine Podcast - I'm on a mission to elevate the Ops function & Ops professionals. How? By providing RevOps-as-a-Strategy through 4 pillars: 🌟 RevOps Executive Coaching & Professional Development 🌟 RevOps Community & Networking 🌟 Strategic GTM & RevOps Consulting Services 🌟 Fractional RevOps Leadership
Jason Hubbard
Chief Operations Officer, RevGenius - He practically grew up in startups, with two serial entrepreneurs as parents. Besides leading RevGenius operations, he also hosts our weekly live show, Outbound 2.0, exploring the future of outbound sales and marketing.
jessica zangre
Jessica Zangre architecture & infrastructure - Sales & Marketing systems technology stack optimization - Sales & Marketing Operations - Database design - Data analysis & visualization - Marketing Automation & CRM integration - Revenue Marketing

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