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AI & RevOps: 5 Strategies that Actually Work

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Join us for the enlightening webinar “AI & RevOps: 5 Strategies that Actually Work,” tailored for RevOps professionals eager to harness Artificial Intelligence to enhance revenue growth and operational efficiency.

In this session, we’ll dive into:
– Utilizing predictive analytics to swiftly adapt to market changes
– Operational efficiency through automation & leveraging AI to automate routine tasks and integrate data seamlessly
– Strategic real-time decision-making to optimize operations dynamically.
– Navigating the uncertainties of AI

This webinar is perfect for revenue operations managers, directors, and C-suite executives looking to integrate AI to drive growth and position their organizations as market leaders. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your RevOps framework with actionable AI strategies, manage AI complexities, and turn potential into performance.

Jen Igartua_
Jen Igartua
Jen Igartua is the CEO of Go Nimbly, a RevOps consultancy for high-growth companies, and a long-time expert in all things Revenue Operations. Early in her career as a consultant, she developed a passion for helping GTM teams optimize the way they work across technology, strategy, and process. Outside of work, you'll find Jen enjoying (and doing) comedy/improv, designing board games, and eating tapas.
Chris Stabile_
Chris Stabile
Chris is a Revenue Operations professional with a focus on both strategic development and implementation of sales ops tools to increase adoption and effectiveness across an entire organization. He translates business intelligence forecasts and models into action steps to turn static customers into incremental revenue. He is an experienced and passionate leader across startup, M&A and multinational settings.
David Lee
David Lee
David Lee is the Vice President of Business Operations at Rattle. Driven, energetic and naturally curious. Intensely motivated by the potential for self-improvement.

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