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AI-Powered Outbound: Why, How and When to Start?

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Outbound marketing isn’t dead—it’s evolving. Whether you’re looking to optimize your current strategies or preparing to adopt AI tools, this session is designed to provide the insights and practical knowledge you need to keep your outbound efforts effective.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn why integrating AI into your outbound strategy is crucial and what are the key tools, processes, and strategies you can’t miss
  • Discover how to introduce and execute AI-powered outbound campaigns to ensure a high ROI —  grab our step-by-step guide on implementing AI solutions!
  • Choose the best time to start leveraging AI in your outbound efforts to ensure your team and organization are fully prepared.

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Mikhiel Tareen
Mikhiel Tareen
Mikhiel Tareen is the co-founder of Seam AI. Previously, he worked in Okta’s sales org as the company scaled to $1B in revenue. Hyper-growth meant more data in more systems, and despite investment in technical personnel and tooling, it became increasingly difficult to understand where to invest time. Seam was founded in response to this experience, and aims to bring simplicity to customer data complexity.
Conrad Millen
Conrad is one of the foremost experts in b2b SaaS marketing and operations, having ran teams at Okta, Clari, and now Rippling.
Roman Kopytko
Roman has 10+ years of experience in b2b SaaS marketing. At Redpanda he is building the data, process, and campaign stack to fuel hyper-growth.

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