6 Rookie Mistakes Sinking Your Inbound Sales Funnel
6 Rookie Mistakes Sinking Your Inbound Sales Funnel

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Does your sales team waste time meeting with less qualified buyers?
Do your buyers jump through unnecessary hoops?
Are you utilizing automation and AI effectively?

The top of your inbound sales funnel sets the stage for your entire pipeline, determining whether your team succeeds or fails. We’ll dive into real tactics and tricks to avoid common rookie mistakes to fully optimize your inbound sales funnel to bring in the best potential buyers and maximize your pipeline throughout your customer sales journey.

Key Takeaways:

  • Optimize your inbound sales funnel to better qualify prospects
  • Create a better, more targeted experience for potential customers
  • Boost your sales team’s performance and time management by using automation and AI.
  • Figure out how to reach and connect with buyers who have high intent


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Erin Hartje
Erin Hartje is the Senior Marketing Manager of Brand at Avoma, overseeing demand gen and brand. Avoma is a leading AI meeting assistant and conversational intelligence solution for GTM teams, and it recently launched Lead Routing for Avoma Scheduler to help teams book better meetings. Prior to her role at Avoma, Erin led marketing at various startups over the last 12 years, most recently leading the marketing team at Nexkey. After spending a few years at Microsoft, she discovered her true passion lies with smaller teams working on tech that changes the way we work. She is thrilled to share her insights with the RevGenius community, discussing how to build a successful inbound funnel. Drawing from her 10+ years of experience, Erin will delve into optimizing top-of-funnel conversions and guiding sales teams to connect with the best leads, creating a better buyer experience.
Shannon Curran
Shannon is a business creative at heart. She's strategic and measurable storyteller that makes an impact on the business and on people. As a recovering PR person she loves the art of the well-crafted pitch and tailoring content for the end user. She's passionate about businesses and products that are changing the way we work and live. Words are important, but even more important are the people you are sharing them with.
Matt Lyman
Driven team leader with experience using marketing operations, demand generation, field marketing, integrated campaigns, and web strategy to get the right lead to the right person at the right time. Passionate about diversity and inclusion, building high-performing teams, setting objectives based on org goals, identifying leaks in the funnel, testing out new messaging and strategies, and working with sales to ensure they have what they need to accelerate the sales process.

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