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5 Strategies to Scale Up RevOps Teams & Tech Stacks

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Scaling your team and tech stack simultaneously is crucial. This webinar will cover essential strategies for integrating and optimizing these two processes — we’ll dive into how to align your team for different stages of growth, building the right foundations for data architecture and governance, and more. Equip yourself with the tools and insights needed to scale your RevOps functions effectively from early-stage startup to IPO.

Key Takeaways:

  • Set the foundation: Learn how the right data governance policies and data architecture models can save you endless headaches in the future.
  • RevOps team structure: Discover the optimal team setup at each growth stage and how to scale effectively.
  • Tech stack blueprint: Build a framework for evaluating tech that can help you iterate quickly, onboard crucial tools, and offboard what’s not working.

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Prakash Raina
Enterprise leader with extensive experience in running the systems and technology teams to support hyper growth. Successfully scaled a team from 2 to 40+ members to support Okta growth from pre-IPO to multibillion-dollar public company.
david ma_
David Ma
Head of GTM Ops & Strategy at Zip. Previously at Front, Portico, South Park Commons and ZenHome.
Mollie Bodensteiner_headshot
Mollie Bodensteiner
VP of Operations, Sound. Experienced operations professional with a demonstrated history of leveraging data to produce results. Passionate about utilizing technology to drive performance and innovation.

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