Dealhub_5 Strategies to Make Your CRM a Unified Source Driving Pipeline
5 Strategies to Make Your CRM a Unified Source Driving Pipeline

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Spoiler alert: many talk about it, but few achieve it.

And the effort is worthwhile.

An incomplete CRM affects pipeline management, forecasting, and ROI measurement. The lack of visibility into customer data hampers optimization efforts, impacting overall revenue.Consistently updating your CRM provides the organization with a timely customer perspective, crucial for informed sales and marketing strategies. But how to do it?

Key Takeaways:

Boost Revenue: Leverage your CRM strategically for growth. Gain insights into targeted marketing, personalized engagement, and upselling.
Save Time: Cut through the noise with practical approaches. Streamline processes, automate tasks, and empower your team for quick, informed decisions.
Optimize Operations: Transform your CRM into a centralized hub for operational efficiency. Enhance collaboration and communication, paving the way for seamless business operations.

Mark Lerner_
Mark Lerner
‌As the Director of Growth Marketing at DealHub, I lead the marketing strategy and execution for a no-code platform that offers the most complete and connected revenue workflow for sales organizations. I have over 10 years of experience in building marketing organizations from the ground up, with a focus on B2B marketing, CPQ, CLM, and DealRoom solutions. My superpower is that I can wear all the hats. I don't rely on writing a strategy and having others execute; I roll up my sleeves and do the work. And I have the receipts to show the results. I have successfully led product pivots, rebuilt company websites, partnered with top-tier companies, built newsletter followings, and achieved high conversion rates across the funnel. I am passionate about delivering innovative and interactive buyer experiences that drive deals to success.
Connor Jeffers headshot
Connor Jeffers
I know more about HubSpot than anyone should. With Aptitude 8, I bring together the foremost experts in WebOps, RevOps, Marketing Ops, and Solutions Architecture to build machines that help our customers grow better. With hapily, we take that knowledge and productize it to expand what's possible. We Build it Better.
Jason Hubbard
Chief Operations Officer, RevGenius - I practically grew up in startups, with two serial entrepreneurs as parents. Besides leading RevGenius operations, I also host our weekly live show, Outbound 2.0, exploring the future of outbound sales and marketing.

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