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5 Strategies to Build Your Personal Brand with AI

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Feeling FOMO? Want to build your personal brand but don’t know where to start or keep it going? Join us for an upcoming webinar where we share five strategies to successfully use AI for personal branding! We’ll share our playbook, tech stack, and best practices to help you build your brand efficiently, allowing you to focus on building relationships instead of spending countless hours on content creation. Everyone talks about AI, but we bring you REAL use cases you can implement immediately.

What you’ll learn:

  • Five strategies: where to start, how to stay organized, and the must-have cheat sheet for building your personal brand
  • How to prioritize relationship-building over content creation, post writing, and editing—streamlined with AI!
  • Insights from three experts who have successfully built their personal brands and mastered content creation (plus they know how to become an influencer in the  B2B space!)


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Chelsea Castle_
Chelsea Castle
Head of Content + Brand at Close. Journalist turned content strategist and marketer. 12+ years experience. 6x content leader obsessed with the intersection of trust and empathy to build beloved brands and content that converts.
Brianna Doe_headshot
Brianna Doe
CEO of Verbatim. With over a decade of experience in influencer marketing, growth marketing, and content marketing, Brianna loves partnering with high-growth brands to build integrated marketing programs that speak to the right audience, in the right place, at the right time.
justin simon_headshot
Justin Simon
Building distributionfirst.club. Coach for Content Marketers. Advisor for B2B SaaS teams. Host of the Distribution First Podcast
Blaine Bolus_
Blaine Bolus
Co-Founder at Castmagic and cohost of one of the authority for all-things commerce and creators DTC POD. Previously a co-founder at Seated.

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