3 Trends Impacting Sales Perf, Forecast & Your Plan
3 Trends Impacting Sales Perf, Forecast & Your Plan

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Sales cycles elongating, quota attainment suffering, and the gap between top performing and average sellers is widening. No surprise that revenue forecasts change constantly.
But what if you could build a plan that allows you to adjust execution, put in place new programs, or shift resources to priority initiatives before you miss a revenue target. The result is more predictable performance and greater certainty across your entire GTM team that you will hit your number.
In our upcoming webinar, we’re not just talking theory; we’re bringing you real-life stories of how businesses like yours successfully navigated back to their original revenue goals.
Join us as we explore the top 3 sales performance trends to watch for and how to ensure your forecast doesn’t ignore the impact of shifts in team execution, buyer behavior, and market conditions.

Key Takeaways:

  • 3 sales performance trends that will impact how you plan and forecast
  • The math behind adjusting execution to keep your forecast on track (so you can keep your sanity)
  • How to choose the right tech stack that will make it easier and faster


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paul senf_
Paul Self
I have spent my entire career literally in every sense “planning”. As a user of project management technology, as a leader relying on a sound plan to chart my path, and as the co-founder of first-of-a-kind planning technologies, I’ve always found myself drawn to the data that helped me see through the ambiguity we face when making critical GTM decisions. Making sense of data through analytics has been a consistent influencer in every endeavor.
Dan Patterson_
Dr. Dan Patterson
From my research days at university to every software company I’ve founded, I have been driven by the belief that successfully achieving a goal is more about the plan than the execution. This is why I have dedicated my entire career to bettering the science of planning and forecasting. Today, with four highly successful project management startups under my belt, my efforts are focused on the discipline of GTM and revenue planning. At MultiplyGTM, we are driving certainty into the world of GTM planning by aligning sales and marketing efforts, through advanced analytically-based planning software.

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