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RevLeague SDR Pro Membership combines cohort-based learning, gamification, and sales tools to help you drive more pipeline.

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What’s RevLeague SDR Pro?

RevLeague SDR Pro is an 8-week cohort-based learning program and community of ambitious sales development professionals.


Join a network of folks that span outside your team to learn from the top pros in the space and grow your support system.


Learn proven processes and frameworks to help you build more structure and improve performance in your outreach.


Leverage our RevLeague SDR toolkit to better enable you in your job to rise to the top of the leaderboard and surpass your goals. Partners include: ConnectAndSell, Slintel, SalesScreen, and

Get 1% Better Every Day

 Through our community of ambitious top performers, RevLeague SDR Pro is designed to scale your career. 

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Amelia Taylor

Account Executive @ Carabiner Group

Dustin Katka

Senior Enterprise Sales Developer @ Augury

Cliff Simon

VP of Sales & Revenue @ Carabiner Group

Justin Lang

Regional Sales Associate @ Aqua Finance Inc

Why apply for a RevLeague Fellowship?

RevLeague Fellowship has a program for anyone whether you are completely new to sales or you are looking to improve your current prospecting ability.

Be a part of a community

Leverage the power of a peer-to-peer network to grow with you - driving sales and revenue.

Engage in meaningful connections

Building connections with people in your industry - expanding your network and advancing your career.

Level up your skills

Increase your real-world confidence and performance with the help of industry leading mentors.

Maximize your potential

Gain access to training materials, coaches andproductivity gamification by SalesScreen.

Everything you need to accelerate your sales development career

Targeting the right buyer

Target your ideal customer profile better and build a stronger pipeline.

Messaging Hacks

Generic playbooks don’t always work. Learn the tips and tricks that do.

Reach out to cold contacts

Cold contacts can only grow colder. Reach out the right way and warm them up.

Social selling

Don’t know how to use social media? Learn how to tap into your network and sell to your audience effectively.

Humanizing your approach

Business doesn’t have to sound like business. Close your leads authentically and make friends along the way!

Having your pitch down

Know what to say and who to say it to with training materials and gamification strategies from SalesScreen.

What the community is saying

Thomas Parbs
Sales Director of HaaSalert

I want to talk to you about RevLeague. Devon has booked 100 meetings and helped me achieve a 70% close rate and contributed six figures in revenue!

Elliot Garcia
Sr. Business Development Specialist, Data Axle

Joining the RevLeague Sales Development program changed my life! Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I couldn’t be more thankful. Looking forward to 2022!

Devon Banks
Account Executive, Haas Alert

RevLeague has been amazing. Whether it's the group members cheering each other on, the amazing contests, or just that little extra motivation you need to make those dials, it's an awesome place to be.

Joshua Morgan
Former Teacher

Joined RLSD Pro where Tom is doing some sales coaching alongside Jared and his wealth of knowledge. They would both give the shirt off their backs if it meant helping someone!

Diane Elliott
Account Executive, Solvvy (now part of Zoom)

From unemployed to RevLeague member to SaaS BDR newbie and now SaaS AE, in one year - is something I wouldn’t have thought possible.

Evan Pattershon
Head of Content & Community,

RevLeague enables the next generation of SDR teams and their leaders to be better at what they do and book 25% more meetings.

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RevLeague SDR Pro is the place to start if you're thinking about your next sales development promotion, creating a robust meeting pipeline, becoming an account executive, or any other ambitious undertaking.

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Who should apply?
I already have a great network and limited time commitment.What can RLSD provide that I can’t find elsewhere?
What is the time commitment?
Are there scholarships or financing options available?
Is this a fully remote program? Can I participate from anywhere in the world?
What happens after the first year of membership?
Would prospects be able to receive calls from non-US regions when usingyour dialer?

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