Annual Planning for Startups: Identify Gaps, Decrease Churn, and Maximize Opportunities

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The Ultimate Playbook for Your Team

Our Annual Planning Ebook is the ultimate playbook for your team. It provides insights and actionable next steps for annual planning, helping you to identify gaps, decrease churn, and maximize opportunities. Whether you work in pre-sales, sales, marketing, revenue operations or customer success, this ebook will provide you with the tools and resources you need to create and follow an annual plan that tracks progress with data-driven insights.

Our goal? To help you create a comprehensive and adaptable plan that ensures transparency, attainability, and optimization for success.

Our guide is designed for:

  • Sales leaders, so they can focus on hiring plans for sales and presales teams
  • CMOs, so they’re able to secure budget approval for events, programs, and hiring initiatives
  • CROs, to better optimize Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and Net Dollar Retention (NDR), while maximizing revenue through team configuration
  • CS leaders, to develop a hiring plan, evaluate coverage, and conduct cohort analysis for the CS department
  • Founders/CEOs/CFOs, to address investment and financing requirements
  • RevOps leaders, to establish a cohesive plan that unifies all aspects of the business

Expert Insights from Our Community Members

We’ve teamed up with top industry experts — David Maxey, the Head of Revenue Operations for the Americas at XM Cyber — and Sigma Computing team to provide you with the best advice and strategies for creating an effective annual plan. Our ebook will help you to identify areas of improvement, set achievable goals, and track progress with data-driven insights.

Ebook Partners


GTM Harmony delivers Harmonize: SaaS service designed to assist Founders, CEOs, and GTM leaders by providing them with the vital GTM metrics they need to make informed decisions. After an initial consultation to understand their current state and goals, our software integrates into their CRM, pulling actual data and recalculating models monthly to ensure up-to-date and accurate projections.

Sigma Computing

Sigma is a cloud-native analytics platform using a spreadsheet-like interface that empowers business users to collaborate and make data-driven decisions through self-service business intelligence. Sigma requires no code or special training to augment with new data, perform “what-if” analysis in real-time, and answer natural language questions.
Through the modern intelligence cloud, at Sigma we empower everyone to data confidently.


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