Amelia Taylor – – A Side Hustle Is NOT Necessary

Quote of the Show

If you're not passionate about what you're doing, what are you doing? Passion sells. Passion is motivating. Passion is what drives people to you, that builds relationships, that brings referrals. That genuinely is the way.

Key Takeaways

  • Side hustles are not a necessity; double down on the job at hand that maximizes your earning potential.
  • If you decide to start a side hustle, always go back to your “why” and make sure a side gig is correct for you.


Episode 56 – Amelia Taylor

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This person is somebody who I hold near and dear, uh, to my heart. Somebody who’s been around since the beginning of Rev Genius. She’s somebody that went from a top salesperson to a top evangel. She’s a co-author, a mother, and an advocate of bridging the gap between marketing and sales. Currently, she’s leading evangelism and GTM [email protected].

It’s my pleasure to welcome Amelia Taylor. Jared, thank you. I am super excited to be here. I’ve been waiting for us to do this. Um, I know you had your birthday celebration weekend, so we waited till after that, so happy belated birthday one. Let’s dive in. Let’s, let’s go in Amelia, And, uh, I asterisk, I forgot to announce her as a cold calling champion, but, uh, more on that later.

So, Amelia, we’re, we’re late [00:02:00] 2022. Now debunk a myth about generating revenue today. Ooh, I love this. Okay, so here’s one that I personally. I feel very strongly about, this is where I’m going. Everybody believes that if you want your path to progression to be successful as a salesperson, you have got to start your own side hustle, your own podcast, your own something, your you, something that’s going to be a revenue stream that’s coming in apart from your day job.

And I do not believe that is true. Well help, help me understand this a bit more. Like, um, so you believe building a personal brand in order to monetize that personal brand away from your day job is now a natural progression? Well, everybody’s doing it, but [00:03:00] why does everyone have to do it? Is my question.

Why are they not making enough at their day job? So they feel the need? Or is it a bandwagon effect? Everybody’s doing it. I should do it. I mean, what do you think? Well, to me, I think everybody’s following the crowd. It’s what a lot of people do. It’s not a lot of people who think I’m gonna go my own way.

They’re looking at these courses, these different, you know, pay X amount for. This course that I’ve created. Pay? Yeah. Or just jump on my podcast. I started, uh, here’s my community. I just decided that I’m just gonna revamp. Here’s whatever it may be. But they think, Okay, if I focus energy and time on this, I’m gonna be super crazy successful.

My followers are gonna shoot up. I’m gonna be popular as can be, and I’m gonna make it. But why does that correlate to making it, it. . Yeah. So I mean, what, what do you suggest instead of that? Because, [00:04:00] you know, sometimes, you know, there’s the argument that there is a subset of people that aren’t getting paid what they should.

Right? So they’re, they’re trying to hustle, maybe they’re not ready for the next job. Um, what would you say to them, and then for the people that maybe do have that, already. What would you say to them? Cause there’s, there’s two different types of people, right? Like the person that honestly isn’t making enough, and the person that might be, that’s just piling this on top for the first person who’s honestly not making enough feeling the need to do so.

As a single mother of two, I can tell you, you can go get your butt outta your chair and walk away from the job that you’re at. And there’s another place that’ll pay you more. I figured out a way. You can figure out a way. I promise you that. . If you do show up on social, social is the thing right now, but you don’t have to pay to play.

That’s something that’s a huge thing. You can show up and still plant those seeds where people know who you are. There’s [00:05:00] referrals that happen. There’s a lot that can happen there. There’s people who introduce you when you do that. I recently bet on myself without it having a job lined up and. That’s no advice that ever give anybody as a single mother of two, would I ever tell anybody, Hey, go bet on yourself and just don’t have a job lined up.

Just quit and just see what happens. Uh, no, but did I do that? Yeah, because of my network, not paying for them to go and do things on my behalf or creating a course. by doing. To be clear, you’re not saying you’re not advocating against, uh, being social. In fact, that’s, that’s your new role. You’re just saying focus on the job at hand and if you don’t like the job at hand, parlay this into the next one.

Yeah. Cuz there’s a lot of companies that are, I know there’s a lot of layoffs. There’s a lot of companies hiring too. I’m pretty sure the numbers are pretty even right there with the layoffs and the hiring. So do your research. Going back to your question [00:06:00] two. For the person who has the other person. Yeah, the other person that makes the right amount for them.

They’re like, they’re balling, they’re doing great, but they wanna start that side hustle. Why? That’s my question. I would love to know why is it for the cloud? Is it for the, I said I was gonna do this. If you have goals in mind and that’s part of it that you’ve set out great, and I am a champion for that.

Like I will cheer for you all day. . But if it’s gonna take away from your revenue stream that you’ve got, that’s steady, that’s coming in where you can really maximize what you’re able to make based off commissions or whatever you’re able to create too. Stop with the focusing on everything else. Your time is your money, like.

Where are you spending your time? Is it on this course creation where you’re paying, you know, saying, Hey, buy this for X amount, or let’s spend all of our time on this podcast that maybe eight people will listen to, or, you know, [00:07:00] this is nothing gets one individual. Let me just point that one out because I have no clue who I’d be talking to in general.

So this is generic. This is totally, uh, everyone that is listening to this, but. You gotta figure out your own path. You can’t just, if you follow what everyone else is doing, you’re just one of many, You’re not one of many that’s doing their own thing. You’re not, you’re one in a million, not that one in a million that’s doing their own.

So like, figure out who you wanna be. It’s, this is an interesting point and, and you know, I wanna bring up that like I’m somebody in the past that has side hustled. Um, But it wasn’t following a game plan per se. It was doing something I honestly wanted to do with the intention that if that side hustle worked, that would be my full-time gig.

And, and I think a lot of people want that, right? They wanna work for themselves. But I think something you just said was interesting. Um, [00:08:00] are people side hustling because there’s something unique that they want to create and they’re keeping their day. You know, kind of a hedge. Um, also allowing them start up money, sit on that money.

I hate to say it, but that’s real. It is. Or, or, you know, are they creating something unique that’s gonna truly benefit the space? Or are they creating something based on a playbook that’s, or two that are out there that people are following? I think this is, this is the key differentiator, right? Yeah. The second one is, Okay.

There’s a lot of the repurposing of what’s already been created and maybe it’s been pre covid stuff, right? That’s, Or it’s not what the industry’s saying or what, you know, market trends are, things change daily. I mean, change is constant. We know this to be true. So if you. Or deciding, Okay, I’m [00:09:00] gonna go do a side hustle.

Great. Don’t go to somebody else’s course and try to take their stuff and repurpose it, calling it your own. That’s not a side hustle. Does that happen? What do you think? I mean, I think it could, but like, that’s so blatantly obvious. It is in my mind, but I think, But it also is course creation. You know, if you wanna be a better rep, follow.

here’s how you do this, here’s how you do this, Which leads to the unsolicited advice, which is there’s a lot of that out there. This is the funniest thing. Um, there might be a dozen ways to skin a cat, so to speak, but there’s not a dozen thousand like . No, it’s so true. S a lot, a lot of people, Right? Like I, I hate that term.

I love that. Yeah. Like, So like, are you creating something unique? And, and, and I’m reminded in the book like zero to one, like creating something away from competition will actually help you generate more money. Mm-hmm. [00:10:00] for yourself. Because competition brings down margins. It increases competitiveness. You don’t have as much of Yeah.

The market and all of that. But like, let, let’s go back to your, your suggestion with this. If you double down and, and you’re somebody that has doubled down, heck, you doubled down so much that your role became the doubling down on social to, I’m trying to figure out my role, but yeah, you’ve, you’ve, you’ve kind of epitomized what you’re saying.

You’re like, you know, use it to help you at your company and, and, and you did it to the point of, Yo, this is what I do all the time. That’s pretty cool. Part of who, it’s what I had to figure out how to do on my own, and this goes into a whole nother topic of I never really had the foundation laid of how certain things should go.

So I had to strategize and figure out how does Amelia work? How does Amelia best reach your buyers? How do I make money cuz I have to, or we’re going under a bridge, right? So it’s [00:11:00] like gets savvy and smart, but also. speak the person’s language, right? Wherever your buyers are at, or even if you’re marketing your ads, whatever you’re spitting out, that is reach, you know, reaching your buyers.

Does it resonate with them? Whatever messaging you’re sending, would you open that? Would you read it? Just think in this more strategic way. All these different avenues have to be pursued in order for you to be successful. But if you double down on what’s in front of you, if you do, even if you don’t have a network.

So if you can, you know, you just passed that 500 threshold of people who you’ve got following you. Wonderful. Great. So just start creating. Just come up with a game plan cuz who’s judging you Sure. Let the judges judge. Let the haters. Who cares. At the end of the day, what really matters is that you show up regardless cuz people appreciate that and you ask the right people, Hey, [00:12:00] can you help me figure this out?

Cause I don’t even have a clue what the hell I’m doing. And I did that big time and it is moved mountains for me. Amelia, what I love so much about, uh, your story and your anecdote there was. Being the mother of two and having to figure it out and like to anybody listening, like the person to ask about optimizing your earnings the most are the person that requires those earnings to To feed others.

Yeah. That you’re responsible for. Those little people. Look in it at me and I’m, I remember, and this is going on a personal note, but I remember being at a gas station one time having 12 bucks to my name. My kids are crying, they’re hungry, and I have an empty gas tank. I have no clue what I’m about to do, but I gotta figure something out.

I am a firm believer in everything is figureoutable. I’m a firm believer that there’s, or I’m in a reason for everything, even if we [00:13:00] never really understand what it is. But everything works out in some way, shape, or form. Mm-hmm. , if you just take one step at a time, nobody can jump from the bottom of the stairs to the very top.

You’re lying if you say you can or. I mean, you’re in the nba maybe, but like that’s a different thing. So if you don’t just focus on what’s in front of you, and I’m preaching to myself when I say this because like I have to daily remind myself one stare at a time, not the whole staircase. Because if you do those top three things on that staircase, great, check those off.

Then you accomplish even more that day. You feel really good about yourself, so you build that confidence. And then you realize, holy shit, I can do a lot, I could do more than I thought I could. Yeah. And, and, and I want to, I want to double down on this because, you know, in the short term, I’m, I’m a believer that if, you know, if you were at that gas station and you had somer from like a side hustle or something coming in mm-hmm.

[00:14:00] that, that potentially could have benefited you at the time. And, and, and you could have done that, you’re. You have a nice following. I so many people love what you say and follow you and are inspired by you. It’s conceivable that, that, that, that would happen. Um, but you’re saying you for went that for like a longer game plan of being able to generate more revenue for yourself over the long term.

Right? Like I am a, I am a long, like, long game strategist. That is what I play. What’s wild about that is that I’m a go, go, go person. So for me to see the vision of a long play and seeing that game plan, this will work. If I do it this way, Just wait. Just wait, Just wait. I’m not patient either. Holy, not patient.

And your numbers aren’t patient either, right? Like you have numbers by the month or quarter? Certainly by the year. Mm-hmm. . [00:15:00] Yeah, exactly. But if you look at things as being. Okay, let me double down on where I’m at right now. I don’t have to be where XYZ is at. XYZ is at these people. I’m not them. They’re not me.

I don’t have to go repurpose, create, or even like create, even if it’s not repurpose, right? It’s your own material, all of that. How much time is that taking away from your job? Ask yourself that. And then two, ask yourself, why am I having to do this? And three, why am I doing. So those are like top things to ask yourself because if you’re doing it to keep up with like the status quo, if you’re doing this to keep up with the Jones of LinkedIn, if you will, those people who are the influencers out there?

I’m, I’ve got a great following of people who are, You’re one of them. I mean, I don’t think of myself as that at all because you know what? I don’t have this side hustle thing going on either. So in my mind you’re gonna be an influencer and not have a side hustle. It’s [00:16:00] just. It’s just that others don’t believe that you could maximize.

I don’t have a newsletter. No, I don’t have any. I I’m, Would it be better if you did? Could be. But I also want to figure out what my exact role is right now. Because I think there’s a lot of things with evangelism, which are gonna be coming up. Does it fall under sales? Does it fall under marketing? Who, What are the KPIs?

What does this look like? Yep. I have a lot of questions there that I’m trying to like really build out what that looks. And, and that’s, that’s something awesome. Like, and, and, and I think, you know, if I were to answer how I think you’d answer, please cut me off. Mm-hmm. , um, having a newsletter that doubles down on your current job where you’re an evangelist for Reggie is most likely like a positive, like, like a, like a really good positive having a newsletter for Amelia Taylor, Um, Evangelist Coaching.

For instance is something different. Umbrella, right? You [00:17:00] fall under your company’s umbrella, so it still goes up to the organization to where M qls come in, SQLs come in, sales ready leads come in. You’re bridging that gap by showing up and that can roll into your job. So figure out what’s revenue generating, what’s not next, whatever’s not revenue.

Generat. And then narrow down and focus double down on those things that actually do bring the, the cash money in. And, and this is an unpopular opinion, you know, in, in a time when we’re all being advocates of ourselves. Um, You could be an advocate of yourself and an advocate for your company. Imagine that at the same time, and to your point, I be, uh, you know, I’m, I’m not opposed to the idea that, that doing, so the long term earnings progression, um, whether you climb the ladder, so to speak, and make more money along the way [00:18:00] there faster.

Mm-hmm. or, uh, which is definitely, um, , you know, uh, it’s a sales way. That’s what you do. Or, or which do you know? By doing that as well, you’ll be more, if you really were entrepreneurial and you really want to start your own thing, like myself, you know, wanted to start whatever, you’ll hopefully have more skills that you’ve learned by staying at the company and climbing that will.

your next full-time endeavor. Jumping in, thinking outside the box, creating a SaaS company or an agency or, or your own something. Mm-hmm. , um, to, to help with more experience. Cause you’ll have more, um, Yeah, totally. I didn’t put words in your mouth there, did I? No, that’s so true. I, I mean, I can speak from experience.

I, I have been with an organizations. purposely stayed longer because I’ve learned what not to do [00:19:00] opposed to what to do, and I’ve learned way more in that regard than what to do with learning what not to do. I remember those cases and there was a lot that I learned and I’m like, People are telling me, Hey, here’s this opportunity, this opportunity, and I’m like, I’m dedicating myself to learning what I shouldn’t be doing.

Then it put me in a position to I network. I mean, people thought I was the chief of staff over at this one organization because you’re the chief of everyth. I was doing so many things. I’d jump in marketing meetings when I was not even marketing, but I had ideas. And 20 years ago, marketing wasn’t working.

But I, not everyone’s like me to where they feel as though they can just jump in and do things. Right. So let me, That’s true. Let’s, like , let’s not, um, jump there and compare like, and say you’re just like me. I’m just like you. Nobody is the same. No. So you might be thinking like, Amelia, you might be able to do that.

I would not like, dare overstep my role as an SDR or an AE or whatever. I follow the rules and I do [00:20:00] it this way. This way, this way, this way, great. But are you making the most money you possibly could be making? If not, there’s other organizations, if you are doing a stellar job, and are you respected? And then also, like, if you’re side hustling, why?

Go back to the why. Always go back to the why do you, do you have like a, a list of KPIs that you follow, like to understand if you’re on the right path or you know, personal KPIs to help guide you? Cause I’m, I’m sure people are listening and they’re. What now? . Interesting. What now? Like how? How can I measure this?

Yes and no for a really great, terrible response right there. So I am figuring this out as I go more to be said on that in the coming months. But because I am figuring it out, So if I figure it out as I go, I can say, Hey, this is what’s been tried and true, not just told and shared. There’s a underst. What are [00:21:00] you trying now?

So what I’m trying now is engagement. Great. How many people are am I actually engaging with on a day to day basis? And where am I engaging with them? Where are my buyers really living? What is the market saying? What is the industry saying? So then I’m taking like screenshots, mental notes, you all of these things.

I’ve got my folder of. Things of like, store here, keep here. Here’s the things I need to know. Then I have a whole message or a whole folder for bad messaging. So when I get terrible messaging sent to me, someone who sends me something awful, I’ll store it in there because either there’s two things I could do.

Help them one, two, send them to somebody to sell to, because that’s what I do. So there’s, there’s so many things. I’m gonna send mine to you too, by. Please do. Yes. It, it remind, it reminds me of like, you actually kind of want that. I, it’s, I think it’s so fun. I’m like, No way you just sent me that. You feel like we, you’re [00:22:00] reliving prom that you got dumped.

I don’t need to hear that. I’ve heard that so many times. Like , if I don’t respond, I’m like, No, it’s because you don’t understand. We’re already like paying customers you or you’re referencing me at a previous company. Wow. Like you gotta do your due diligence people. Less is more when it comes to strategy.

Strategy produces more money than a ton of things that you’re gonna do all at once. Multitasking will not get you to wherever you wanna go. I mean, you’ll get a little bit done here and there. So that’s where I’m at figuring out too, right, is the, this role requires. And plethora of different things. Does it fall under sales?

Does it fall under marketing? I think both. And you know, revenue, right? Falls under revenue. Customer straight up revenue. So, yeah, because you, there are these sales ready leads, so I can go ahead and warm these up because there’s trust that’s already established through the relationship I. Develop with said individual and you know who [00:23:00] has buying power, that I can literally be this like walking, talking bridge for them to cross over instead of just going this PLG route to where they’re free users signing up on their own.

Like our sales people actually get to run with the demos and have practice and do what they’re supposed to do as sellers. Because I’m bringing qualified people in that are revenue generating to where they don’t have to go and do a side hustle to make more money. And, um, you know what, what, what’s, what’s keeping you up at night with all this?

Oh, good question. That’s a great question. Really, it’s what’s the biggest focus? Like what are my top three things? Because I’ve got my list of things of like, okay, here’s where I should really. Target thing. Okay, here’s what’s revenue generating. Okay? I can start doing all these social posts things, you know, different polls trying to extract that.

Who knows where LinkedIn algorithm is? Nobody knows. I don’t even know if it’s a thing. I think [00:24:00] it’s all made up. But Love you LinkedIn though, but, uh, don’t put me in jail. There’s also the whole, uh, okay, what, what really deserves my attention? Because my time is limited. I can’t pour. , my, you know, I can’t go from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM sitting at my screen.

I get little people that bathe and feet and whatever, and so therefore the side hustle would literally, like, I’d be shooting myself in the foot if I try to do that. So let’s go back to that real quick then. Sure. If I also, I’d just be burned out. You burn yourself out, like stop burning yourself out.

People, you don’t have to be burn out to be successful like that. You can avoid it. Completely promise. But your time has to be precious, like value it and I am so preaching to myself once again over here because time management is not my strong suit, but it is a big focus of mine right now because if I really want, like really wanna nail this [00:25:00] role and do it well do it right and create something that is internal within Reggie with my name.

That Reggie can also attribute to it. It’s attribution both ways under the company and towards Amelia. So if I can create this like double attribution, right, with creating something where others can have this guide of knowing, oh, maybe this is the way we do it, and then somebody else could have their own way of doing it.

Okay. This falls under sales, falls under marketing, falls under, Okay, great. There’s not one way to do everything. There isn’t. Others that are dealing with the same challenges, what advice would you give them? Go talk to people who are trying to explore this role too, who are trying to figure out what the heck they’re doing.

Cuz they’re gonna say, What the heck are you doing? What are you doing? And then when you get the same kind of people who are not the same people, but really the people who [00:26:00] are pursuing the. Thing and you put those brains together, their minds together. Lot of different ideas start kind of coming up. But have you tried this?

Have you thought of this? I mean, was texting with Arthur over at Chili Piper not long ago and we both were kind of, I said something and he’s like, Oh, what if we tried this And it was a, We tried this, and it’s like, that’s pretty cool. We’re not on the same team. We’re not on the same company. There’s no affiliation, nothing.

We use them chili pipe, shout out. But it’s a. , we do this because we’re both trying to pursue this evangelist role in how to do it well and right, and understand there’s not one way to do it. But what if you try and test and iterate and shift and because inaction’s still in action, so when you don’t try, you’re literally choosing to be mediocre, stagnant.

So like which choice? Which one? But action doesn’t have to be outside of your. I, I, I love [00:27:00] this. And Amelia, you’ve been such a, a strong advocate of, you know, doubling down on what you have. And even if you don’t like what you have, it leads to something new. Yeah. I say yes. That’s very true. So, when you started your career, you were in sales, you’ve moved to evangelism.

It’s safe to say that the industry has evolved as well. What excites you the most about the future? Oh, it not technology because I’m not tech savvy. I can sell it, I can talk about it, but I’m not tech savvy. So that’s not what, what’s exciting, what’s exciting is seeing people who are stepping outside and coloring outside the lines, if you will.

Yeah. And creating their own path that doesn’t, they’re forging their own path. That doesn’t involve creating, uh, a paid course or a podcast or something that’s a side hustle that involve whatever a side hustle is to. This outside of your day job, People who are saying, I’m gonna double down and I’m gonna actually [00:28:00] share my, my wins, my losses, those are the people you want to know and understand because there are honestly, God, genuinely good people.

I mean, I could share a million loss stories right now. I could share a million win stories because I’ve celebrated the losses. Knowing that’s learning opposed to losing and its growth overall to get to where I need to. because if I focus on what’s in front of me, but that’s not an easy thing. That’s mindset.

Massively. Have I wanted to like cry my eyes out and have I, yeah, been like, what do I do? What am I, who am I, what’s my life right now? Uh, yeah. Have we all, Yeah. Um, or just, I mean, I don’t know if all you men out there doing that, you are behind closed doors don’t lie. So it’s, it’s weird if you literally, if your head is down and you have goals, Just focus on your goals.

Stop trying to do everything else, like ev like everybody [00:29:00] else, everything else. Like everybody else is not gonna get you to be everybody else who is up here, where you think you’re down here, you’re not down here, you just aren’t doing what they’re doing that makes them look like they’re up there. Well, I mean, I, I, I had, and I don’t think you’re coming at me personally, but I had side hustles where I ran, where I ran a fashion magazine, um, while I was in technology.

I think that was, I think that was my big thing. I called it a passion project that if I happened to make money from it. Right. Um, that was, that was good. Um, if I happened to make, with the goal being to make enough money, that, that could be my main thing cuz my North Star was to, to be doing what I wanted to do.

The passion. Passion is the word. That is the word. I love that you just. And I’m jumping in real quick because it is. That is the passion project. If you are so passionate to change the future of how sellers sell, [00:30:00] great, go do that. Write an excerpt right there. Write something that says why you’re so passionate about it.

Give us a personal story as to why you’re doing what you’re doing, because that differentiates you from the rest. So give us some kind of personal touch to whatever your passion project is. If you’re not passionate about what you’re doing, what are you. passion sells. Passion is motivating. Passion is what drives people to you.

That builds relationships. That brings referrals. That genuinely is the the way. That’s what excites me. That’s what excites me. Passionate people who have their own trail, that they’re blazing, that they say, Mother, it’s within the company, or I’m going, I’m gonna bet on myself. And I had a few people actually reach out to me after I did that post saying, I’m gonna bet on myself.

Who were. I think I might do this. Is it okay if I kind of copy what your messaging was here? And I was like, Yes, go do it. I’m cheering for you because you know what? If I can do it, you can do it. And I am no better than anybody I know. [00:31:00] I don’t know more than everybody. I’m trying to figure out my own path to right now.

But I’ve got a vision of where I wanna go cause I’m passionate about evangelism, knowing that it is the way of the future of sales, marketing revenue. . Really well said, uh, Amelia. And it’s, and I’m excited to watch your future. I, I wanna learn more about you though. Like, I, I heard mother of two author who is Amelia Taylor.

Oh, gosh. Competitive as can be. Um, wait, tell me, you, you, you played sports, right? I did. I walked on, um, at. I do in school. I am five, six. Mind you, sport of choice. Let’s see. Sport of choice is basketball. I mean, I’m, I am a big time. I mean, that was my saving grace completely growing up was playing basketball.

So my basketball coach, to this day in high school, he’s still my mentor and he is one of those that knows how to coach me. [00:32:00] Coach me. Well, on the court, off the court, so knew like who I was like and asked the right questions to know, Okay, you need like a shove in the back kind of thing. Not literally promise, but a, Okay, let’s do this like a, Come on, we’re going, we’re doing this.

Like are you thinking? Like, what are you thinking? Like you’re better this, you know? He knew how to motivate me to get me in the right mindset. And still does, and or if it’s the, Hey, I got your back. You know, come to Jesus in the corner. Let’s sit down. Let’s just talk it out and you can just hash it out better.

What was your best stat line at Ole Miss? I didn’t play much at Ole Miss. Let’s just talk about that. Okay. You walked on, but you didn’t get on to prove to myself that I could do it, so I had. Plans of playing sports in college. So I hadn’t, I had smaller school like, you know, scholarship stuff where I could go and play volleyball and basketball and I was like, you know what?

I’ve dedicated a lot of time to [00:33:00] sports, but I don’t, I think I’m gonna go have fun and party . Really? What? It boiled down to it. So I’m like, Ole Miss yo. If you know anything about Ole Miss Hotty, tatty, it is so fun. Um, I don’t remember all of it, but I, I guess I had a good time. So I go and there’s a girl on my floor.

Um, in my dorm room or you know, the dorm, whatever, freshman year. And she keeps going and like, practicing with the, with the team. They’ll miss like players. And I’m like, Where are you going? And she’s like, Come on. I’m like, Come, come shoot with me. And I’m like, No, that’s not why I came here. And she’s like, Come on, come on.

Kept asking, kept asking. So did she know you played? She knew I played. Cause we talked one time about it and you. So she ball recognizes ball, ball. It was this baller thing we just said like eal, I eyeball. It was kind of like, but we didn’t even say a word, right? It was that eye contact. It was like, oh, ball or a baller, you know?

But no, it’s air. The air. You did a little bit of the air crossover in front of each [00:34:00] other. They’re like, We did in the hall. Exactly. Like I kind of did it between the legs, kind of like shot over her and she. We just Ball recognized ball. Yeah. So , we never did that, but I wish we did. So anyways, she kept saying over and over to come shoot with me, come play, whatever.

So I finally said okay one time. And I was like, Biggest mistake ever. I could keep up a little bit, but wholly partying has got me down a bit. I’m like, Now I’m determined to get back in shape, so I’m like, I’m gonna get back like totally in this like shape I can, I can do all this and I can also like slot my fine.

Mm. That was a hard one to try. A juggle is like having fun. Then practice really early the next morning, but, or even just not even practice. It was like just going and proving to myself I could do it, and I’m like, that’s not something I care to prove to myself ever. Don’t party then go try to like, keep up with D one players the next morning.

I, I, I know somebody that partied and then ran a marathon, [00:35:00] bless their life and their soul and they weren’t, they weren’t a reg, they weren’t a regular runner, Amelia. They were a regular. I love for doing this cuz that’s hilarious. Like why hilarious. I’ve, I’ve never, I’ve known this person for two years.

I’ve never seen them as much as go on a jog. And when I heard that she was, and, and they, David did this, David GOs up, they that David go and stuff like, I have the flu but I’m going and still doing it. Like, but David Goggins, um, was a seal. She is, um, an office manager at a dental practice. There’s a little difference.

I love that and respect to her, but like, yeah, it’s my, uh, it’s my partner’s best friend for a reason. That’s amazing. Shout out to whoever you are because like, That’s amazing. You, Sorry, I didn’t mean to go Ted. I just, I, I just felt That’s so good. I just felt like game or, or. Whatever that’s called, recognizes, whatever that’s called.

Just get [00:36:00] it done. Know. That’s amazing. Like, yeah, the partying and like trying to keep up like No, no, not to basketball. So you, you showed up. Yeah. I show up and it’s like I, I’m starting to discourage with them and whatnot and I’m whatever, and they’re like, I mean, again, I’m five six, like I’m 125. Like I’m not this like, I’m not the close to six foot girl that can go and compete with these girls, but I had a really great, like left shot.

Like, I mean, my, I can, I can shoot very well. So, um, I mean, anybody who’s in Tampa, you wanna come and challenge me, like, we’ll play horse all day and I’ll, I’ll. Beat your, but I promise. But, um, this is a quick challenge for the world. But listen, so I would go practice. Then she convinced me to go walk on. So I said, Fine, I’m doubling down on this because I will prove to myself that I can do what I say I can’t.

So mindset, like it, total mindset. And I wrote it down everywhere [00:37:00] in my dorm where I could see it. I will make, and I didn’t put it as I can, and I learned this in sales too, that if you put, you know, if you put that I will, and you write things down, you’re, it’s what, It’s almost like 73% of whatever you write down you’re gonna remember.

And 70 or 73% you’ll forget. something along, whatever that statistic is, 73% of what you don’t write down, you will forget. So can we write down everything? No. That shout out, gone right? Shout outing. Bad. Good job you guys, because you’re helping all of us not be able to write all the time. But I, I go and try out and it’s a few days of it and I’m like, dead, literally dead after this.

And I’m like, there’s no way. I go, I see. I, I made the team and I’m like, Is this a joke? I maybe played? Hmm, Probably maybe a total of 10 minutes, maybe my whole time doing it, which I, I, this was not my freshman year. You got a uniform and you popped out the, got a uniform. And you know what? I got to make a few threes during my, [00:38:00] my short D one career, but I did not play the last, uh, my senior year.

So it was juniors, junior, and, um, Freshman or of what, sophomore, junior year. And I had so much fun doing it. I mean, I got to know some of like these badass women who were making things happen and I’m over here being like, Well, let’s just see what you can do, Amelia, because you say you, you in your mind, you’re like, No, no, no, you can’t do this.

But you also are telling yourself, I’m gonna shift my mindset saying yes, yes, yes. You. So I shifted my mindset, made the team, So I’ve carried that with me like crazy in every aspect of life. I mean, there’s been messy things that have happened in my world, just like everybody else. And, and everybody has a story.

And I’ve carried that with me. I said I would and I did. And I can, and I will. It’s not just that I Can you, you don’t stop at the I can. It’s [00:39:00] the, You continue on to the I will. So there’s that. Ball if you ball. If you ball y’all. Ball if you want. Ball knows. Ball. What? What, What else? Mother of two. Mm-hmm.

mother of two. Um, I can do a whole lot of, I, I hate crafts. Okay. Hate arts and crafts. Um, don’t do that. Are you, are your daughters, and they’re both daughters, right? Have two girls? Mm-hmm. girls becoming women. Um, they play ball. Um, so I’ve got a prodigy child, literally, I swear. She’s the most like athletic thing ever.

Who wants to. Once you become a pro bowler and work at Target part-time, that’s the aspiration as an eight year old. So really confusing. You must have a really good target in your head. I’m like, What are we doing? We do, we’ve got like a great target around the corner and like then my youngest can’t walk backwards without falling, and I’m like, What are we doing here?

I’m like, Kid lost. Jean. Didn’t get the athletic jean at all, but she’s so funny. [00:40:00] She’ll sell me on why we should go to Target all the time. Mommy, you said we need. Paper towels the other day. Right. So like, you know, Target has them, Oh. And like in that front section we should probably get like a little treat for like the $3 cuz we don’t wanna go over like five.

Right. And I’m like whoa. Right. Okay. She already knows what you’ll say yes to. Yeah. Because I must Sug for Tarjay. So Hello. I, We do the target thing and. Walking out like, what did I just do this work? What, who am I right now? But it’s like she will, she’s so gifted with their, just reading people and understanding.

I mean, she will ask these. I mean, she’s like me. I cry in happy movies, not in the sad parts of movies ever. In the happy things. They make me cry. Cause like passion. I think passion is really a big thing. She will too so. Lilo Crocodile is like the movie out right now. [00:41:00] Her and I both are crying in the movie theater and like Presley, my oldest is like, What is wrong with y’all?

And because. You know, it’s just things like that, that’s like she gets the passion thing. So then my prodigy child, she’s like the boys at school. She’s like, Mommy, why? I, I love how you have a prodigy child at a, at another child and then another child. I love them both the same. I promise. I promise. I love them both.

But it’s so funny though. They’re just so opposite every way. So navigating like my job and then figuring out these tiny humans and like how to like make them. They see hard work in Me too, so like backing up with that a little bit. It’s like they will say randomly, I’m like reading to them like at night or something and they’re like, Mommy, thank you so much for working so hard for us.

That’s what gets me going in the morning to say, I can do this again. So find the people who fuel your fire, who, who will like your fire, who are going to give you that if you don’t have kids, [00:42:00] that this is not the point. The point is find the people who are gonna give you that inspiration to keep going. I think I, I think we could close on that.

Thank you mommy for doing so much. Richard brought over here. I’m just been preaching ame. I, I’m, I’m inspired, uh, by your journey, inspired by you doubling down how, uh, on, on yourself and your family, um, saying no to the side hustles because you truly have seen saying yes and doubling down on what you’re doing to bring you more money.

Yeah. Right. To bring you more money to progress your career and, and just sharing that. How, how could people find you, Amelia? People are gonna want to connect with. Go find me on LinkedIn. That’s where I’m gonna be. Click on this. Streamline your content if you are interested in Reggie. Quick plug slide, Jared.

Um, but also you, not No And then let’s [00:43:00] reach out and let’s strategize too. I mean, if you have questions about like what you’re doing with trying to figure out this role or should I side hustle or not, Like get your back. That’s how I learned with people helping me so, LinkedIn, Instagram.

Don’t remember the handle. Just you can find me. Um, and then also no side hustles. You’ll find me out really, but just evangelizing over here at Reggie. So there you go. And in communities, I’m in communities. If I’m in Reg Genius, if you like. Come to RevGen. Um, make sure to send Amelia a really bad email.

She’ll send you a really good one back using Reggie, and I’ll be so, and, and, and book a meeting with your company to help you all out. I’m sure. I’m gonna just, I’m gonna just send her bad emails so that she could fix ’em. And then challenge Reggie too, like somebody did recently. Oh, can Shakespeare, right?

Like how do you get Shakespeare tone like with Reggie? Go and look at the Reggie page. You [00:44:00] will see how it did it. It was brilliantly said. Go check it out. It’s really crazy. I I can’t wait to click, uh, the down click, uh, and, and use Amelia Taylor tone in, in my emails. It’ll be so annoying. Like, like ps ball, nose ball.

I don’t think that’s the phrase, smiley face. But no game. Game knows. Game. He recognizes game. Right. Game Game recognizes game. It did. Yeah. PS we all have one child that’s a little different. . Amen. And that’s my, No, that’s that, that, that closes this episode. Thank. Thank you all for listening. This is another episode of Revenue Today.

Ame. Thank you for coming. So fine. Thank you, Jared. Loved it. Thank y’all. Yep. And if you’re listening, um, and you liked it and laughed or, or found something cool, share it with somebody. Um, we’ll be back again next week. Same time. Yep. Have an awesome day y’all. [00:45:00] Whoa. Another great episode of Revenue Today.

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