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Spotlight Series

RevRoom Member Spotlight: Shannon Curran

Excited to present the next RevRoom Spotlight interview with Shannon Curran.

Shannon is a business creative at heart. She loves strategic and measurable storytelling that makes an impact on the business and on people. As a recovering PR person she loves the art of the well-crafted pitch and tailoring content for the end use. She’s passionate about businesses and products that are changing the way we work and live. 

Words are important, but even more important are the people you are sharing them with.

One-liner about you

I’m a marketing exec working with companies to define their ‘why does it matter’?

What is not working anymore in the B2B space?

The altitude of our programs are no longer working, you hear either short term wins or we need to wait a long time to see results. How do we break down long term projects to show leading indicators of success? How do we get away from always working towards the short term?

Most difficult project you’ve worked on

A leaky funnel for me is always the most difficult. Breaking down where the issues could be (there could be many!) and working through how to prioritize. 

Your biggest professional accomplishment

When I left my first leadership role, I asked the company not to backfill me and really let my team rise up (because I knew they could). They were all promoted within the year. 

What are you passionate about?

I am super passionate about getting messaging and differentiation right, how do you really speak to your customers in a way that makes them remember you? That paired with a high performing and well coached team is unstoppable.

Best advice you’d give to yourself 10 years ago?

Chase the work, bet on yourself, the rest will come.

What’s the number 1 trend you feel will shape the future of the B2B space

Peer to peer referrals and relationships.

What is one thing you love about RevRoom?

I am so grateful for how open and game everyone in RevRoom is to help, give their opinions and advice and build relationships. 

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