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Spotlight Series

RevGenius Member Spotlight: Kelsey Calabro

Kelsey is an entrepreneur, agency owner, copywriter, and a Customer Success Manager at Dooly, all while taking time to surf and eat oysters in Maine.

We’re lucky to have Kelsey as a RevGenius member and working for one of our amazing sponsors, Dooly.

Below is our interview with Kelsey Calabro:

Introduce yourself! Tell us who you are and what you are currently focused on.

Hi everyone! When I’m not ghostwriting and copywriting for tech C-suites through my agency (heretic : the agency) you can find me as a Customer Success Manager at Dooly. I’m passionate about building communities, being a part of them, advocating for customers, and helping people however I can. When I’m not at my desk, I might be trying my hand at surfing the Portland, Maine beaches, hanging with my dog, or eating oysters and driving around with music blasting on any given weekend.

How did you end up starting your own agency and working full-time at Dooly?

I hate saying COVID was what I needed, but professionally and creatively, it gave me a lot of space and time to reconnect with my goals. Two of those being: starting my own business and being a part of a tech team that would allow me to be creative, hands-on, and collaborative. As soon as I met the Dooly team I knew it was where I needed to be.

What advice would you give to people who are looking to break into tech or start their own biz?

Oufff, a tough one cause I could say a lot. For anyone looking to break into tech I will constantly back getting involved in micro-communities, getting comfortable with your voice and presence on LinkedIn, and looking into Aspireship if you’re truly new to it all.

For anyone starting their own business? You’ll never feel 100% sure and the fear factor is constant, so just go for it. There’s no better feeling than seeing it gain momentum.

What gets you out of bed every morning?

Aside from the potential of seeing John Mayer post a new Instagram story? … 👼🏼 Being able to talk to the people in my life and the thought of getting to walk to the ocean every day.

What would you say that you do better than anyone?

Reading people. Whether that comes in the form of reading the room or being able to gauge where someone is at mentally and emotionally without them saying so; it allows me to be a chameleon to the conversation and my environments.

Why should other sales and marketing professionals join Communities?

For starters, it costs nothing (usually.) Secondly, whether you’re looking for connections or opportunities, the simple step of getting involved and getting to know people will lead to so many open doors it’s almost unbelievable. The more you continue to show up, the more it will show up for you.