The Perception of the CRO Role

On this episode of RevGenius Podcast, host Lorena welcomes Thiago Sá Freire, Chief Revenue Officer at, to speak on his outlook on leadership, the relationship between confidence and ego in regards to leadership, how he built confidence as an immigrant, and how the guiding principal of his professional life came from a sport. He touches on changing the perception of his title/role of CRO with customer interactions, some of his ‘blind spots’ or vulnerabilities, and how to effectively extract and integrate feedback in your organization. Thiago provides recommendations for offering learning opportunities to team members when time is a limited resource and shares his definition of a work life balance. Tune in for more introspective conversation with an insightful expert in leadership and development.

“There is this fine balance which I like to talk about, which is that sometimes it can get nasty and you need to make sure you can balance that… I do think hierarchies are needed because sometimes you don’t agree and there needs to be a decision made and it’s really for that person in the hierarchy that’s above to help also manage that tension so it doesn’t get nasty. I see that as a big part of leadership.” - Thiago Sá Freire

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About the Guest

Thiago Sá Freire

Thiago’s goal as a leader is to provide a foundational environment for people to grow and develop to become the best version of themselves. He’s a lifelong learner and expects his teams to come in every day with a growth mindset so they can iterate and improve. Helping the development of an individual, team, customer, or organization is what drives him to get out of bed every morning.


  • To understand how I got here today, I am sharing my story of where it began...
  • To understand how I got here today, I am sharing my story of where it began...
  • To understand how I got here today, I am sharing my story of where it began...

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