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Why Clubhouse is the Most Important Social Media Network Right Now

It started with a few folks and then they invited a few more until it seemed all the major content creators and active members of the revenue community were all on board – to Clubhouse.

For all of you who’ve been living under a rock, Clubhouse is the new Andreesen Horowitz backed audio only social network that is looking to raise at $1 billion dollars only 8 months after launch.

Entrepreneur Mag said it best with “Imagine a room full of millionaires, and you get to ask them anything. That is Clubhouse.”

We went to ask fellow RevGenius members their thoughts on the network to understand how our community felt about the network and got some incredible responses:

“Clubhouse is the interaction that LinkedIn has been missing for years. I’m using it, in less than a week, the same amount of hours I’m on LinkedIn. Love both but really enjoying the back and forth”

Jake Dunlap, CEO at Skaled Consulting

“Clubhouse = The new virtual event. Every marketer should be taking advantage of this because this is the new roundtable format to get your prospects and customers talking and accelerating deals.”

Nick Bennett, Director of Field Marketing at

“Clubhouse is a 24/7 virtual conference where you can find rooms discussing anything and everything. It’s like Twitter in the early days, where there isn’t as much of a barrier between the rich and powerful and normal users. You’re all voices in a room, having a conversation. That means powerful networking opportunities.”

James Gerber, Vice President of Account Services at Crackle PR

“The platform gives people the intentional option of being active (on stage and talking) or passive (enjoying the content from the audience). I’ve gained so much from it by being active in smaller rooms where I feel comfortable and confident to share my knowledge. From my brief experience on it thus far, I have started to use it to push people to engage with me on the platforms that I’m intentionally building my personal brand on – LinkedIn and Twitter.”
Joel Primack, Marketing Specialist at Messina Group Consulting Solutions

“I love it! It’s like joining a zoom meeting, but easier and you can join any zoom meeting at any time and connect with people you don’t know, and reconnect with those you do.”

Katie Ray, Community Engagement Manager at Sales Hacker

“Clubhouse is a cross between 90’s party lines and real-time podcasts. They’re all-topic community dialogue that democratizes thought leadership across peers and prodigies, all day, every day.”

Isabelle Kent, Founder at Gigsaw

“I still get a ‘loudest person in the room wins’ vibe from it, which can be challenging for an ambivert/introvert, but now’s not the time to lurk and get a feel. It’s the only place online right now that you can build a huge audience in a day. Things will change when it’s open to the public.”

Maeva Cifuentes, CEO at Flying Cat Marketing

“It’s like a live podcast where you can participate with the host.”

Andre Smith, Director of Sales at CloudMasonry

“Clubhouse has proven to be an invaluable way to continue to meet new people and gain new perspectives in a time when we can’t meet in person.”

Nathaniel Dean, Sr. Sales Manager at

“Clubhouse offers organic conversation discovery. More importantly, its unique style of communication combines the safety of texting with the directness of voice calls.”

Ding Zheng, Head of Marketing and Business Development, Royal Music Community

“My first reaction to Clubhouse was dismissal: ‘novelty for novelty’s sake.’ But looking closer, how well timed the novelty is! With our familiar gatherings postponed indefinitely, Clubhouse rooms feel like they’re replacing traditional event panels, college seminars, group workshops, etc. and improving upon them by sourcing ‘teachers’ and talent from a wider and deeper pool.”

Jon Hall, Founder at Switchbird

“Clubhouse is a natural fit for more extraverted and highly dominant people. You can talk, command the ‘stage,’ and share your views with a captive audience.”

Erin Balsa, Head of Content Marketing at Predictive Index

Simply put, Clubhouse is a unique social network that scales ‘realness’. It’s culture mixed with access in an audio only medium allowing people to spend more time in meetings without having to get dressed up or prepared, being able to just waltz into a room with famous entrepreneurs or celebrities holding court and actually be able to ask a question or just listen in.

I’m extremely bullish on Clubhouse. It’s incredible what they’ve created and been able to scale. As a founder, I can appreciate a founding team that found the secret sauce to harnessing the culture. And have they ever.  It’s truly a beautiful thing.

Join the #clubhouse channel in RevGenius to connect with other members (and type) while in meeting rooms and stay tuned for our programming (daily at 6pm EST and Revenue Jobs on Wednesdays at 6pm).